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Big data challenge and opportunity for biopharmaceutical enterprises

It is now obvious that, big data will play key role in enabling scientists to discover life saving biologic drugs of the future. In effect, opportunities are endless, and biopharmaceutical enterprises are generating huge volumes of data throughout the discovery, pre-clinical and clinical stages of development of new antibody based therapeutics.
Technology innovations such as high-throughput DNA sequencing have created a big data challenge and opportunity for enterprises involved in monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutic development
Multiple challenges in leveraging data include data accuracy, data completeness, difficulties combining data that comes from different sources and complexity of implementing data analytics.

Here is why gaming companies implement brain computer interface technologies

One can easily observe that, the increasing use of sensor technologies and dramatically changing healthcare infrastructure in the developing economies such as India and China would have very positive impact on the growth of the brain computer interface (BCI) technology market
Then exploring the opportunity of adding unique elements into video games has led gaming companies to implement brain computer interface technologies.

Enable the automated creation of Application Programming Interface (APIs)

From basic capabilities, it is now clear that, APIs help make it easier to spur on digital transformation, IoT, Mobile and capturing company value and differentiation from existing IT assets.
IBM API Connect for instance helps enable the automated creation of APIs, simplified discovery of systems of records, self-service access for internal and third party developers and built-in security and governance. 
Companies are increasingly using APIs to connect new and existing IT services and integrate vast amounts of data as part of their digital transformation strategy and shift to the cloud.

Allow strategic transformation to hybrid cloud environments

It is interesting to recall that, increasingly, new cloud services depend on integrating data and applications. For those who are unfamiliar, to allow for this strategic transformation to hybrid cloud environments, IBM offers a cloud service, IBM API Connect, that developers can use to connect applications, data and microservices.
I can observe that, it is designed to make it easier to find, call and connect over the cloud.