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Kitematic and Docker to improve the developer experience with operational flexibility for distributed applications.

Our digital lives and experiences rely henceforth on distributed applications. This holistic reality allows to salute the acquisition of Kitematic, the fast and easy way to use Docker on the Mac
For those who unfamiliar, recalls Docker is a tool for developers, to build and run powerful distributed applications anywhere and anytime.
When it comes to Kitematic, it completely automates the Docker installation and setup process and provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) for running Docker containers on the Mac.  Kitematic integrates with Docker Machine to provision a VM and install Docker Engine locally on your Mac.
Following the recent acquisition of SocketPlane, henceforth Kitematic joins also the communitywith the goal to simplifying the developer experience and making Docker accessible to new and different software developers.
Kitematic is an open-source project and free for all via GitHub. You can also start by downloading the latest …

Small satellites: Accion’s module definitely democratizes the space.

So far, we know CubeSat with its powerful abilities to provide low-cost satellites, which are becoming increasingly popular tools for Earth-imaging, communications, and other helpful applications. 
But a set of major control issues hamper this momentum including: lack of accuracy to point cameras or change orbit; regular crash and burn within a few months, and more. These satellites lack a viable propulsion system, recalls MIT aeronautics and astronautics alumna Natalya Brikner PhD ’15, co-founder and CEO of Accion Systems. “You can make a satellite the size of a softball with a surprising amount of
capabilities, but it can’t maneuver properly and falls from orbit quickly,” she says. Henceforth we can rely on Accion’s module, a new commercial electrospray propulsion system, to deeply democratize the space. recalls that, Accion’s first commercial system is MAX-1, a module that can push around a CubeSat, or a slightly larger satellite. MAX-1 can provide about 100 micron…

The market landscape of the SCADA

In discussion with key vendors operating in this market, can observe that, SCADA major manufacturers are acquiring companies with end-user specific products and are also working closely with end-users to develop tailored products according to their specific needs. 
SCADA systems use open architecture for flexibility and lack of skilled worker to operate and maintain the SCADA systems is one of the major challenges facing by the automation providers.
The SCADA market in the APAC region for example, is driven mainly by the need for automation in key end-users such as the Oil and Gas, Power, and Chemical and Petrochemical industries; according to Research and Markets.
The multinational automation providers including ABB; Honeywell; Schneider; Siemens lead the game.

Guidance and strategies to help evaluate and compare security offerings from different cloud providers in key areas.

In our cloud-driven world, it is indispensable and critical for individuals, organizations and enterprises to have a clear understanding of potential security benefits and risks associated with cloud computing and set realistic expectations with their cloud provider. 
In this momentum, has captured for you, the Securityfor Cloud Computing: 10 Steps to Ensure Success V2.0 whitepaper, which provides guidance and strategies designed to help decision makers evaluate and compare security offerings from different cloud providers in key areas.  Version 2.0 of the whitepaper includes: Updated security risks facing cloud customers Additional guidance reflecting current best practices New content on the differences between security and privacy Amended worldwide privacy regulations Revised references to cloud security standards.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Detection and Mitigation.

Image is satisfied to note that, a growing number of individuals, organizations and enterprises are more and more aware of the challenges and stakes related to the cybersicurity. 
In this momentum, lot of projects are initiated and gain progressively in maturity. DDoS Attack Interceptor, powered by the Limelight Orchestrate™(“Orchestrate”) platform, is a newcomer in this segment, with the goal to provide multiple lines of defense: proactive notification in the event of an attack, traffic scrubbing, and protection from unplanned costs due to traffic spikes. 
Limelight stated that its detection engine uses patented behavior-based techniques that compare measured baseline of both volume and patterns and more intelligently differentiate good traffic from compromised traffic.

Instantly gain visibility, insights and value from your machine data.

When it comes to machine data, the top priorities include: ·The real-time ability to help IT teams deliver immediate value to their organizations, ·simplify the searching and monitoring of log files for IT managers and system administrators , ·A centralized way to do log search and analysis, ·managing historical and real-time data, ·Deep visibility into all the data, ·Monitor all of log data from a single pane of glass, ·Precisely pinpoint and prioritize issues The intuitive, easy-to-use interface that gives you deep visibility and leads you directly to issues you needed, is always recommended by
Splunk Light™, an integrated solution that can enable individuals and IT teams to leverage Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL™) to gather real-time log data from their distributed systems in one place, paves its way in this niche.