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Move data at rapid speeds and longer distances in future computing systems.

Our mobile-driven, cloud-driven and big-data driven age is deeply characterized by critical requirements and needs when it comes to: ·Make future computing systems faster and more energy efficient, ·capture insights from Big Data in real time, ·Suitable deployment in cloud servers, datacenters, and supercomputers, ·Greater data rates and bandwidth for cloud computing and Big Data applications, ·Overcome the limitations of congested data traffic and high-cost traditional interconnects,  ·Push the limits of chip technology to meet the emerging demands of cloud and Big Data systems.
In fact, more than ever, we need streamlined technologies, apps and infrastructures to meet the growing demands in computing power driven by Big Data, mobile and cloud services.
Just as fiber optic has revolutionized the telecommunications industry by speeding up the flow of data, the development of silicon photonics technology carries lot of promises with regard to move data at rapid speeds and longer distances in …

Risk and regulatory intelligence in our digital age.

In our highly competitive age where, large companies and organizations are facing regulatory, shareholder and public pressure to further enhance governance systems, while increasing transparency, competitiveness and profitability, emerging technologies and technological advances in cloud, big-data, analytics, and cognitive computing, provide henceforth more predictive capabilities, deeper insights and actionable data and deliver risk and regulatory intelligence in ways previously not possible.
So that, salutes the willingness of Deloitte and IBM with regard to create a transformative series of risk management and regulatory compliance solutions. Moving beyond the use of traditional structured data to leverage unstructured information and external data.

Android phone into a IoT device, Bluemix and smartwatches.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to smartwatches. With the Apple Watch released, this market can grow much faster than it was growing before, in terms of apps, services and adoptions. There are sensors for acceleration, for gravity, temperature, light, step counter etc, susceptible to improve our health, living and working conditions. 
IBM Bluemix is used to visualize data from Internet of Things (IoT) device, and smartwatches.
Available on GitHub, the Android IoT Starter app can turn your Android phone or smartwatche into a IoT device.

Beyond Critical concerns and barriers about OpenStack skills development and adoption in our Cloud age.

Delivering reduced time of deployment of services; enhanced Performance, Productivity; reduced IT operational costs and a more responsive infrastructure, it is obvious that, OpenStack is growing as one of the preferred choices for building private and hybrid clouds.
However critical concerns and barriers related to skills development and adoption including: production-level support; lack of internal IT skills; OpenStack’s maturity; lack of alignment with current application architectures; and poor alignment among internal organizations can hamper this momentum. 
Therefore, recalls that Enterprise can address these concerns with offerings and support from commercial OpenStack providers. 
In this dynamic, productivity-requirements focus inter alia on: production-level technical support; simplified installation process; the ability to move workloads between providers and platforms and support for complementary open source cloud management, operating system, and developmen…