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Every day, thousands of business leaders, tech leaders, public leaders, young entrepreneurs, government organizations, public institutions, global organizations, public and private companies, individuals, universities etc., across the world, use

They widely appreciate our daily analysis, precise data, intelligence, information, actionable insights, technology reviews, advisories services, etc. (tap into keywords for searching to get more). is greatly popular in U.S.A., Germany, France, UK, Canada, Cameroon, Singapore, Russia, Israel, and India, Asia Pacific region, to name a few.

Subscription packages

On the behalf of (Company, startup, private or public institution, government organization, etc.), you will subscribe for  (Press release coverage: technology review, opportunity review, actionable insights review, and actionable tweets.), or for (consulting services on specific or global stakes of the digital economy) for (1, 3 or 12 months of consulting services respectively for $5000, $30.000 and $100.000.), and agree to pay by (Check, transfer, mobile money or on cash).

Pricing of the Press release coverage: 1, 3 or 12 months of Press release coverage respectively for $10.000, $50.000 and $300.000.

As you observe, when it comes to Press release coverage, we talk about: technology review, event review, opportunity review, actionable insights review, and actionable tweets.

Generally Press release coverage leads to numerous actionable posts on

Actionable tweets (publish in real-time on Twitter via @connectikpeople), consist of actionable insights from the involved Press release.

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