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Recursive DNS functionality, in a cash transaction in our digital-driven age.

Faster, reliable, flexible, seamless and secure Internet experience wherever you are is henceforth a right our digital-driven age.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, the Domain Name System (DNS), which translates human-readable domain names into IP addresses, is a critical component in delivering a faster, reliable, flexible, seamless and secure Internet experience.

Meaning that, recursive DNS has strategic value when it comes to inter alia: provide carriers with security, speed, and the ability to dynamically and flexibly set DNS policy and user preferences.

For informational purpose only, recalls that, Xerocole, henceforth, an Akamai Technologies’ company paves it way in this vertical.

Mobile Wallets in our mobile-driven Age.

It is exciting to see how the NFC technology helps manage your bank accounts through your cell phones: mobile commerce transactions, mobile ticketing and purchase of mobile coupons, money transfer, micropayments and more. talks about Mobile wallets: electronic accounts that enable people to manage their bank accounts through their cell phones. 
Increased awareness about mobile wallets are encouraged by as this technology is more secure than physical wallets, so that consumers do not have to carry them. 
Beyond infrastructural inadequacies are a major challenge in the market, Researchand Markets explains that: ‘’Hindrances in communication systems and lack of accessibility and interoperability are some of the fallouts of infrastructural inadequacies, especially in the APAC region. Mobile wallet is a new concept, and, therefore, its success is highly dependent on the confidence level of end-users. However, these infrastructure issues can inhibit end-u…

eGovernment Services to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity in our mobile-driven age.

When it comes to eGovernment Services to Increase Employee Engagement and Productivity, always recommends inter alia: more personalized mobile capabilities that improve employee engagement and streamline access to key resources. 
Scalable, real-time, flexible, seamless and secure access to services is henceforth critical; then salutes the new initiative from the United Arab Emirates Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) , when it comes to transforming its eGovernment services by teaming with IBM to allow employees of ministries and federal bodies to apply for, cancel or track vacation days; browse and update personal data; check on monthly salary details; produce certificates; and access medical insurance information.

Advantages of Applying Hybrid IT Solutions to Networks.

Major organizations, public agencies and telecommunications operators face data-intensive conditions that require inter alia: greater resiliency, more agility, higher performance and lower costs.
This means that, applying Hybrid IT Solutions to Networks can help dynamically manage network resources through software programs, automatically moving networking resources to where they're required. 

Applying cloud technologies to the network could allow a company to reduce its overall network capacity while increasing utilization by dynamically providing resources. also recalls that this enables systems operators to better manage peaks and valleys in demand, use fewer networking resources operating at higher rates of efficiency and utilization, all with fewer disruptions in service and less direct management.

Unified platform for the hybrid cloud and virtualization: stakes and realities.

Aside from the security and agility, the enhanced performance and resilience are vital when it comes to Unified platform for the hybrid cloud and virtualization.
The holistic ability to produce: a real constant, scalable, cost-efficient and simpler to manage environment across the private and public cloud and to run, protect and manage modern or traditional applications, joins these requirements, as a game-changing. 
For informational purpose only, unified platform for the hybrid cloud including VMware vSphere® 6, VMware Integrated OpenStack, VMware Virtual SAN™ 6, VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes™, VMware vCloud® Suite 6, and VMware vSphere with Operations Management™ 6, is susceptible to bring peace in minds.