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L’expérience internationale Viettel, Maison mère de Viettel Cameroun en décembre 2012

Viettel Cameroun troisième opérateur mobile au Cameroun : Défis, Promesses et Opportunités

Il s’appelle désormais Viettel Cameroun, filiale Vietnamien de Viettel donc le siège social est localisé à Hanoi au Vietnam (Asie du sud Est). Avec près 60 millions d’abonnés mobile worldwide, notamment  au Vietnam, Vietel a acquis la licence de troisième opérateur de télécommunication au Cameroun à 20 milliards de FCFA. L’opérateur qui devrait

Transition from Youtube username to Google Account email address: stakes and Opportunities around the last corner.

Explore the future of ARM technology in the data center: Stakes and Opportunities via a free Webinar

December 19, 2012 CALXEDA will lead a free webinar that will explore the future of ARM technology in the data center.  As  :CTOs internet firms, social media, large financial institutions; Data center operators; Corporate IT execs; Cloud platform providers etc, you can attend to this webinar.

The topics which will be discussed include: Data center challenges both power and space faced by high-growth companies; Leveraging low power servers to solve high-demanding workloads; the advantages and efficiencies of ARM-based servers for specific workloads such as storage and finally Demystifying and overcoming the challenges of switching to ARM.
For those unfamiliar, Calxeda as a company aims to bringing revolutionary efficiency to the data center, leveraging ultra-low power ARM processors as the foundation for next generation server designs. Calxeda is targeting large scale-out applications such as web serving, scalable analytics, and cloud storage. You cancontact Calxeda with any questions.

Nouveau Yahoo Mail pour toutes les plates formes ; Enjeux et Défis autour de la nouvelle approche

New Approach of ILLiterate Programming via doc-code-merge: Stakes and Opportunities

New Yahoo Mail for All majors Platforms : Stakes and Opportunities for Users and Yahoo!