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Data and processes from any SAP system such as ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, and Concur.

Secure, fast and easy access to critical information when you need it is indispensable like actionable insights based on what is most important for you in a given moment when it comes to real-time productivity.
Large companies and enterprises that are aware of this reality, henceforth leverage mobile productivity for the workforce.
SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Sitrion ONE bring together data and processes from any SAP system such as ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM, and Concur to mobilize an entire organization. salutes this new alliance likely to bring enhanced productivity and agility within workforce.

Apple Watch Apps: top-developed category and least-developed categories.

News, stats, data, predictions and excitements around the Apple Watch are quite encouraging and full of opportunities for consumers, Apple and developers. It is also a clear indicator that the industry and consumers trust and expect great things from Apple.
IDC forecasts that 2015’s Apple Watch shipments might exceed 15 million, accounting for around 62% of the overall smartwatch market. 
About 3,200 apps developed for the Apple Watch are already available to download. According to App Annie, The top-developed category is Utility, comprising 373 (12%) of all apps.Health & Fitness tied with Lifestyle for 4th, each accounting for 7% of all Watch-developed apps. The least-developed categories for the Apple Watch are Catalogs, Books, Weather, Photo & Video, and Medical, which all clocked in at under 2% per category.You take a look atiFixit’s Apple Watch Teardownto see what’s under the hood.

Microsoft Azure within Your Datacenter in our Cloud Computing age.

The flexibility and agility, the control and the security provided by the Hybrid cloud is a streamlined solution for many organizations when it comes to respond to the needs of their developers and a rapidly changing business climate. salutes this momentum and welcomes Microsoft Azure Stack, a cloud infrastructure that brings Azure IaaS and PaaS capabilities to your datacenters.
Windows Server 2016 and System Center 2016 can deliver a rich platform for modern applications with Azure Service Fabric, a platform for building and hosting application services that automatically scale. Second Technical Preview of Windows Server 2016 is now available.
Microsoft Operations Management Suite, (OMS) a new hybrid management solution can help you manage your corporate workloads no matter where they run: Azure, AWS, Windows Server, Linux, VMware, or OpenStack.

The root cause of any problem with a rich set of data visualizations within the datacenter industry.

Data centers are at the core of powerful stakes in our data-driven age with multiple data points. Meaning that IT operators need to appropriate the root cause of any problem with a rich set of data visualizations, featuring inter alia: faceted search, peer comparison, swim-lane views, and component specific metrics.
A combination of machine learning, analytics, and search to unlock the data and surface events relevant to any system issues is critical in this quest, like making integration with other applications seamless and gather event data from any data source.

The best strategy to get stuff done on the go in our mobile-driven age.

We are all unanimous that, productivity on mobile goes henceforth beyond having email and calendars on your phones. recalls that, you need inter alia: to figure out which of great internal apps and services should be mobile ready.
Enterprises need to know in real-time what people need to do away from their desks. Dealing with documents and other critical files, while sales and marketing people need access to the CRM where business is happening.
Using mobile-friendly apps for expenses and other apps saves managers and employees time getting these key takes done.
When it comes to IT, Customer Success, and Help desk, goes beyond from alerting people to issues! Be able to solve them from a mobile device.  Privacy and security are at the core of the stakes. Meaning you need secure devices, but the data and apps as well.

Design Platform: ‘Canva For Work’ in our digital age.

The design transforms deeply how people consume and adopt: services, products, data, information and technologies in real-time. This reality is at the core major innovations nowadays.
People love a total immersion anywhere and anytime. With a design Platform like Canva, you can more or less easily create graphics, including slideshows, invitations, handouts, posters, infographics, Facebook Covers, cards, collages, blog graphics and more.
Henceforth, with Canva For Workthe company wants to bring its product to the business world, with the goal to bridge the ‘gap’ that exists between the high-end, pro design tools ( Adobe suite), which are powerful but seem complicated to learn and software like Microsoft Office, which is easy to use but lacks professional-looking documents or materials. You can pre-register here to gain access.

Managing churn in the SaaS (Software as Service) industry.

In our cloud computing age where the SaaS architecture is leading the excitements in terms of adoptions and development within enterprises, organizations and large companies, it is henceforth also clear that, churn is among the critical new challenges SaaS providers are facing.
To address these challenges and maintain a competitive position in the market, at we believe that, a focus on end-user experience is a game changer if SaaS providers determine what’s most important to SaaS customers when considering cloud adoption and evaluating SaaS vendors. Enhanced Productivity, flexibility, security, performance, and availability are the grail.
You can glance the illustration below for Akamai published by Exoprise in its 2014 Cloud Trends Survey of IT and Business Managers.