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Secure Hosting for VMware vCenter in our disruptive digital age.

The security war is endless. But it is exciting to recall that, purpose-built systems, new paradigms to mitigate risks, hacks and breaches are more and more mature and sophisticated. 
Henceforth, the general availability of SkySecure ; a cloud-managed, on-premises, secure server can streamlined experiences. recalls that when deployed to provide a secure foundation for hosting VMware vCenter Server, the SkySecure Server with its customized firewall protecting VMware vCenter can harden each protocol and communication channel for: Administrative access to vCenter Server DNS access to/from vCenter Server Microsoft Active Directory for user and admin identity management Partner API usage such as Software Defined Networking controllers or VM backup systems Network Attached Storage entitlements for image management ESX Server to vCenter administrative control channel.

More visibility into your Windows servers.

Our digital age requires henceforth tools, technologies, paradigms and practices that make life easier for IT professionals. The stakes are critical when it comes to streamline each experience.
Idera announced the release of Windows Process Heat Map. salutes this dynamic that can help system administrators easily identify problematic processes, eliminating time wasted from logging into each Windows server and drilling down to troubleshoot.
For informational purpose only, recalls that, Windows Process Heat Map can empower IT professionals to: Monitor resource usage of Windows processes Quickly identify problems with a simple heat map view Drill down to see related (parent/child) process utilization Pinpoint processes consuming the most resources

Salesforce Platform: new software application to manage sales quotes, proposals and contracts.

Optimized business processes lead to maximized ROI and new revenue streams. At SteelBrick and SpringCMthey are joining their knowhow and technologies with the goal to streamline this reality by delivering enhanced document management for sales quotes, proposals and contracts. observes that,built with the goal to seamlessly integrate with SteelBrick CPQ and Salesforce, SpringCM File It™ for SteelBrick can help manage the quote-to-close process directly from within Salesforce. Businesses can now harness the power of rich document management from the familiar Salesforce user interface.

Run Hadoop and Spark in a virtualized environment with compute and storage decoupled.

Streamlined and simplified Big Data Infrastructures are henceforth a game changer in our data-driven age where stakes related to agility, flexibility, scalability, security, productivity and performance are critical.
Meaning inter alia that broad strategic technology collaboration is more and more indispensable when it comes to provide high-performance, secure, robust experiences for big data analytics. 
For informational purpose only, recalls that, BlueData can help organizations to run Hadoop and Spark in a virtualized environment with compute and storage decoupled, providing a cloud-like experience for on-premises big data deployments.
Henceforth, its broad strategic technology and business collaboration with Intel aims to accelerate the adoption of big data solutions by simplifying deployment.