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The OpenStack journey to adoption.

The architecture is still at the early stage, in terms of adoption and technological advance. But, a certain infatuation within major companies is real and is on the encouraging curve.
However, the OpenStack architecture still suffers of the complexities associated with its implementation and manageability.
A set of CIO, need, to be convince, when it comes to OpenStack's viability for critical workloads in production environments.
We also remind that, many executives see OpenStack as an interesting concept, but a lack of skilled staff in-house and potential disruption fears, need to be overcome.
OpenStack is still not attractive enough for the migration of traditional on-premises legacy workloads, but is increasingly considered for test/development environments, and cloud/mobile/web type applications.

Our 2015 critical orientations intended for Governments.

2015 will be exciting and disruptive in terms of innovation and sophisticated aggressions. The emerging technologies namely Big data/Analytics, Deep learning, cloud computing, mobility, the Internet of Things, smart sensors, wearables and more will play a key role in this trend.
Based on this set of realities, we encourage governments, to appropriate the concept of sustainable Smart Cities; to deploy and realize the business value of Internet of Things (IoT).
Optimize decision making, by leveraging these emerging technologies as we recommend investments to focus on citizen service, public health, Smart Cities, and reducing fraud, waste, and abuse.
Invest in predictive IT solutions to prevent, manage, and mitigate damage and loss, is critical.
Improve regulations and invest in a global strategy to combat cyber crimes is also vital, as recognize the emergence of data as a strategic asset.
The cognitive applications of Big Data, will empower investments in predictive maintenance enabled by th…

Apple and IBM to ‘Unlock new value at the intersection of and individual engagement’.

As workforce goes live on mobile, a set of strategic alliances and technological partnerships, is more and more, experienced, to help enterprises and professionals improve their working conditions. 
In this momentum, henceforth Apple and IBM Deliver First Wave of IBM MobileFirst for iOS Apps. Big data and Analytics are the strategic factors both companies leverage , with the goal to unlock new value at the intersection of big data and individual engagement.
This means a step for iPhone and iPad in the enterprise; iOS devices to work; transform big data and Analytics to actionable and valuable business opportunities, and transforming enterprise mobility with a new class of industry specific business apps.

Combating Sophisticated Cyber Attacks in our digital-driven world.

Because of the sophistication of the recent cyberattacks, such as, that one, which targeted Sony Pictures, much among us believe that, security leaders are more and more incompetent. Right or wrong perhaps. 
But, at we remind that, a set of realities and challenges related to the evaluation of the top priorities within the companies, more often, can lead to disasters like what, we observe since a week, at Sony Pictures. 
Security leaders are not outstripped  in the cyber war. Security leaders should join the executive board.
Security leaders who have, as top priorities: regulations, new technologies, and internal threats, have to appropriate the protection of critical assets, focusing investments on intelligence and recruiting top industry talent to augment internal efforts.
Traditional technologies that focus on network intrusion prevention, advanced malware detection and network vulnerability scanning shouldbe combined with data leakage prevention, cloud security and …

Here is what, professionals, need in our data-driven world.

The stakes around historic, unstructured and structured data from multiple sources in our disruptive world , henceforth required all professionals to be equip with sophisticated and intuitive tools needed to do their jobs better, namely: mobility; a unified experience ; better understand data and more quickly reach business goals; quickly source data, cleanse and refine it, discover insights, predict outcomes, visualize results, create reports and dashboards and explain results in familiar business terms.