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Some institutional investors have found value in middle office outsourcing

We live now in a highly competitive era with evolving regulatory requirements, a low-yield environment and continuing pressure on pricing and cost structures; where both asset owners and asset managers are facing considerable challenges and increasing complexity in the market. Northern Trust Survey indicates that, middle office outsourcing can offer sophisticated analytics, more accessible and up-to-date data, as well as keep pace with market, regulatory and technological developments. The same study also revealed that, some institutional investors have found value in middle office outsourcing, which allows them to leverage the expertise of global providers, such as Northern Trust, with capabilities and servicing hubs in Asia.

The Internet of Things (IoT) use cases that are expected to attract the largest investments in 2017

It is now obvious that, the true value of Internet of Things (IoT) is being realized when the software and services come together to enable the capture, interpretation, and action on data produced by IoT endpoints. According to IDC, the industries making the largest IoT investments in 2017 are Manufacturing ($183 billion), Transportation ($85 billion), and Utilities ($66 billion). Cross-Industry IoT investments, which represent use cases common to all industries, such as connected vehicles and smart buildings, will be $86 billion in 2017 and rank among the top segments throughout the five-year forecast. Consumer IoT purchases will be the fourth largest market segment in 2017 at $62 billion. The firm also reveals that, the industries that will see the fastest spending growth are Insurance (20.2% CAGR), Consumer (19.4%), and Cross-Industry (17.6%).

Top five automotive connected car platform market vendors

There is a growing excitement around Automotive Connected Car Platforms in our ever-connected era where the increasing integration of smartphones with vehicles to enhance the in-vehicle experience of both the passengers and the driver is thriving. According to Technavio Research, Top five automotive connected car platform market vendors include Cisco Jasper, AT&T, Microsoft, Airbiquity, and Bright Box. In terms of revenue, the global automotive connected car platform market will reach USD 8.47 billion by 2021, growing at a CAGR of almost 11%.

Marketing mix modeling in our ever-connected data-driven era

From traditional and digital marketing activities, Marketing mix modeling brings new approach. The technology helps in determining an optimal marketing budget and quantifying the contribution of marketing activities to sales with a view of calculating ROI, effectiveness, and efficiency. According to Quantzig’s marketing analytics experts, “Marketing mix modeling (MMM) is a powerful tool which helps in generating cost per point metrics for each media type to analyze the efficiency and compare with the ROI. It also helps in creating a real-time solution for investment decisions, providing executive management a powerful decision support system. MMM helps to achieve future investment decisions to support based on simulated scenarios’’.

Execution of robotic technology like vision guided robotics within organizations

Execution of robotic technology empowers organizations to enhance product quality and productivity, while significantly reducing operational expenses. For instance, the vision guided robotics market is driven by high workforce expenditure, development of smart technologies, and advancement low-cost and energy efficient solutions.

Vision Guided Robotics technology in our ever-connected era

For those who are unfamiliar, Vision Guided Robotics is a technology used in the robots as sensors to provide a feedback indication to the robot controller to accurately move to variable target locations. The vision guided robotic systems have an independent operational system which makes them efficient, enhancing quality, while significantly reducing the possibility of human errors and wastage of resources. Steadily, one can observe that, Vision guided robots are expanding their adoption in the automotive, food & beverage, metal processing, and electrical & electronics sectors. According to Research and Markets, the vision guided robotics market is impacted by the need for automation of procedures, which decreases monotonous work and manual intervention, as a result, improving the productivity.

Crowd analytics solutions in our ever-connected data-driven era

I have a pleasure to recall that, Crowd analytics solutions include solutions such as microscopic model, behavioral model, value engineering, conflict estimation, and complex network analysis. Crowd analytics enables optimization of business operations as it helps in seamless crowd tracking and customer behavioral analysis. The cloud deployment model offers Crowd analytics solutions at the minimal cost possible.

Securing the data that is collected from wearable cameras

It is now clear that, with massive data leaks often reaching mainstream news, public concern is rising over the security of wearable camera recordings, including who has access to such footage and for how long. ABI Research finds that it is important that strong security protocols be put in place by enterprise wearable camera vendors and adhered to by device users to ensure that all data is kept secure and risk of loss is minimized. Enterprise wearable camera vendors, such as Axon, Reveal, and Zepcam offer supporting platforms that will aid enterprises in securing the data that is collected from wearable cameras. These platforms feature strong authentication, password, and data encryption mechanisms, which ensure that only authorized personnel have access to the data. The platforms also log who accesses the data and when. The firm also revealed that, some platforms, like those by Edesix and VIEVU, can also help to redact certain details, such as automatically blurring out the faces and p…

The most exciting right now regarding the global aerospace & defense connectors market

In effect, one can observe that, steadily, Increasing production rate of commercial and regional aircraft, such as B737, A320, A350XWB, and C Series; upcoming aircraft & introduction of variants of existing aircraft, such as C919, MRJ, B737Max, A320neo, and E-2 Jets; rising global aircraft fleet; need for lower MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) cost, high demand for the advanced avionic systems, and advancement in the connectors technology are major growth drivers of the global aerospace & defense connectors market. According to Research and Markets, the global aerospace & defense connectors market is projected to grow at a healthy CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.1% over the next five years to reach US$ 1,713.2 million in 2022.

The market for medical equipment in the US

Numerous survey indicate that, the market for medical equipment in the US is expected to achieve healthy growth over the next few years, and is set to reach a projected value of USD 173 billion by 2019. While the market is primarily dominated by large players, it is exciting to observe that, small- and medium-sized companies can also thrive in this market and take up a considerable portion of the market share. Among Top Medical Equipment Manufacturers in the US according to BizVibe, we have: Baxter,Hill-Rom Holdings, LifeIMAGE,Stryker Corporation,Invacare Corp.