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Asian internet-based startups to scrutinize this month

The Asian’s market is the most promising and progressively the most active in terms of services and business opportunities. Compared to Tel-Aviv and the Silicon Valley, the Asian Hubs beyond the reputation of Hong Kong and Bangalore in India don’t innovate enough. 
Below a set of services and technologies that enrich this ecosystem:
EasyShip (Hong Kong): End-to-end shipping and logistics service Eatigo (Thailand): Restaurant discovery and discounts during off-peak hours Uniphore (India): Speech recognition solutions KFit (Singapore): Monthly membership program for multiple fitness clubs and gyms Honeymate (China): Online only ecommerce brand that makes sanitary pads for women Hackr (India): Community-driven site where coding tutorials get voted up or down OnOnPay (Vietnam): Mobile phone top-up app.
Feel free to contact us and submit your technologies or your internet-based startup.

These startups captured last week can transform your lives.

From mental fitness and bitcoin exchange and location-based app to a network of schools with an interdisciplinary platform, our digital age is filled of exciting promises in terms of innovation, services and technologies. InteraXon is the maker of Muse, a wearable headband that converts brainwaves into digital signals for the purpose of mental fitness. Prior investors include Ashton Kutcher's A-Grade Ventures and ff Venture Capital. New investors include: Felicis Ventures, Horizons Ventures, and OMERS Ventures itBitis a global bitcoin exchange for institutional and retail investors. With a trust charter granted by the NY Department of Financial Services that allows it to operate in all 50 U.S. states, and new investor including: RRE Ventures , Liberty City Ventures, Raptor Capital Management and others, itBit will scale operations and onboard U.S. clients.
Retale is a location-based app that lets users shop their local circulars online. Investors including: Axel Springer and Bonial I…

Private equity and hedge funds last week.

Exciting to observe that, Artivest henceforth deeply allows accredited investors to invest in private equity and hedge funds. The sartup is backed by ambitious investors like RRE Ventures, KKR, Anthemis Group and + 3 more investors that help Artivest to accelerate the growth of its technology, infrastructure and sales teams. Feel Free to contact us and submit your startup or technolohy!

Virtual Container Security Suite and best practices in our Container-Based Apps age.

At, our role is also to help enterprises get ahead of the risks and confidently adopt and maximize the benefits of containers in their production environment.As you can observe, we live henceforth in the container-based Apps age, where the distributed apps are the game changer. 
The stakes related and associated to the container-based Apps age are critical when it comes to security, productivity, performance and business opportunities.
The Docker containers are leading this industry in terms of tools, technologies, best practices, R&D, solutions and more. encourages these performances enterprises need to understand what’s really going on within a container or cluster of containers.
At we think that, the confidence to adopt container technologies, requires inter alia:
Visibility and control over your container-based applications and data,
Maximization of the efficiency, portability and scalability of your containers,
End-to-end se…