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Mortgage technology, on-demand software solutions, content and services: Ellie Mae paves its way.

When it comes to mortgage technology, content and services; it is paramount to recall that,guidelines, compliance resources and education include the vital factors of this industry. This means that, as a provider of software solutions and services for this industry, you need to appropriate this reality within the synergy of your actions. Ellie Mae® is one of the key players of this industry. Its recent acquisition has captured our attention, because it fosters valuable and actionable data, resources, knowledge, information and helpful practices. Ellie Mae® has signed a definitive agreement to acquire AllRegs, an information provider for the mortgage industry. This momentum means that, Ellie Mae progressively seizes the real stakes within and around mortgage technologies, content and services and complements its portfolio of product offerings, with the goal to power the entire mortgage industry.

Here is how and why Organizations Need to Invest in Sophisticated Security Solutions.

In our data-driven world, enabled by the new IT Convergence, the stakes around security threats and cyberattacks are crucial and remarkable. If, it is encouraging to observe that, organizations continue to invest in network security, endpoint security and other basic security solutions; however,, soon #Retinknow® also encourages strategic investments in more sophisticated solutions.
As you can observe, cyberattacks and securitythreats are more and more varied and sophisticated. This reality more and more aggressive requires holistic approaches and methodologies, high-level of collaboration, good practices, and ongoing-trainings, to help mitigate the risks, and tackle the security issues. Therefore,, soon #Retinknow® recommends organizations to invest in advanced security solutions that inter alia are able to capture, monitor, analyze, detect, and response in real-time to sophisticated threats or any security incidents. The fundamental security has…

M2 Payment Solutions: advices, recommendations and the Digital Payments PLC.

When it comes to financial payment solutions,, soon #Retinknow® sees and scrutinizes, a growing market, enabled by the flexibility, the seamless and the wealth of the resources, services and opportunities offered by the mobility trend. This trend is unstoppable. This means, the real stakes are: simplicity and the end-to-end security. Digital Payments has completed the acquisition of Muscato Group Inc., this strategic acquisition positions progressively this company, as one of the key players of this industry, by inter alia, enhancing its capabilities; expanding into new markets and new geographical regions. As part of our global commitment,, soon #Retinknow® hails this new milestone, which also means:  new market products and services to deliver to its customer base.

Application de messagerie dotée d'un assistant personnel : réalités, enjeux et ce que vaut Google.

Avec les méthodologies et les technologies du DeepLearning et du Computer Vison, les assistants personnels qui s’appuient entre autres sur nos habitudes, comportements et attendes, sont bien appelés à connaitre une sophistication accrue et accélérée. Car ces méthodologies et technologies du DeepLearning et du Computer Vison, qui sont une forme très avancée de l’intelligence artificielle, sont de plus en plus capables de nous connaitre mieux que nous même, et biensûre notre environnement, nos données, anticiper sur nos besoins et d’apporter les solutions concrètes à nos problèmes en temps-réel. Le marché des assistants personnels est très compétitif avec deux acteurs majeurs (marché chinois exclu) comme SIRI de Apple, et Google Now, de la première puissance industriel du numérique, Google. Microsoft, BlackBerry et autres, déploient également d’énormes efforts pour démontrer leurs capacités à innover dans ce sens. De l’autre côté, on a des applications de messageries multifonctions, qui d…