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You can close this week with these powerful trends!

As you can observe it, only on, actionable perspectives related to the digital economy are widely exciting each week with endless possibilities when it comes to improve our working and living conditions. 
This week, recalls that: 
Researchers at MIT claim that their new computer file system is mathematically proven to not lose data in the event of a crash. 
Big data startup wants is working to alert clients when their data has been compromised; (Dark Web).
A group of MIT researchers has been exploring techniques that will make biological and chemical data easier to analyze by compressing it.
Intel is collaborating with companies like BlueData to simplify and virtualize big data infrastructure. 
A new 3D printer made from off-the-shelf components is the answer to more expensive and less efficient models.
Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and now Facebook each have their own version of a digital assistant.
Adobe will roll out the iOS version of Photoshop ne…