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Showing posts from June 13, 2013

Reliable adoption of Red Hat OpenStack: Red Hat and Mirantis ,seal Partnership

As part of Red Hat Summit, June 12, 2013 at Boston, Mirantis, the OpenStack systems integrator, and Red Hat, the provider of open source solutions, have announced that the two companies will

Rachat GhostBird pat Yahoo !: là sont les enjeux.

Depuis l’arrivée de Marissa Mayer à la tête de Yahoo ! fin 2012, c’est une société qui s’est lancée très rapidement et solidement dans l’amélioration et la consolidation des ses produits et services

Game: Despicable Me 2 lands on your iPhone and iPad to impress your boss.

Ready to impress your boss! Henceforth you can do it on your iPand or iPhone. Because Gameloft has released Despicable Me. This means you can play as a Minion that has to compete in

Automated Update for Certificate Trust List (CTL) is now available for Windows Vista through Windows 7.

Previously in June 2012, Microsoft had introduced a new feature to automatically update the Certificate Trust List (CTL), with the goal

Amazon CloudFront : it is now more or less easier for you to deliver your entire website.

Henceforth available, the new release brings: support for custom SSL certificates and the ability to point the root of your website to a

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 : là sont les enjeux pour les professionnels.

La vague open source continue de s’ébranler dans les entreprises comme dans les administrations, SkySQL fusionne avec Monty Program, pour faire de MariaDB une alternative incontournable à

IITC version 0.12.1 released, and IITC Mobile 0.4.6., available.

For those who unfamiliar, Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC) is a browser modification to the Ingressintel map. It is available for

The new Gmail widget: Customers can now follow their brands on Google + directly from Gmail

As Part of +Gmail people widget; this new feature aims to make it easier for customers to connect with their brands on Google+. This