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Block SQL injections, XSS, brute force attacks, and even DDOS attempts.

Whatever SQL injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), Remote File Inclusion (RFI), Brute Force, Denial of Service (DoS), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and others, these web-based attacks are more and more sophisticated and regular. 
Thanks to a set of security actors like Akamai and CloudProxy, who can help you in real-time to prevent and mitigate these aggressions. 
CloudProxy, for example, can help you block SQL injections, XSS, brute force attacks, and even DDOS attempts. 
CMSs like WordPress or Joomla; forum suite like vBulletin, e-commerce software, or even a custom site, are supported.
This means that, you can inter alia: Keep attackers off your site; Prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited; patch software vulnerabilities; appropriate defense against DoS & Brute Force ; Speed your website's performance ; Know what your traffic looks like in real-time.

100,000+ WordPress Websites compromised: trends, realities and solutions.

With more than 70 million websites, on its asset, WordPress, is a free most popular CMS to build and run your website anywhere and anytime. This popularity is a grail for notorious attackers. So, according to Tony PerezCo-Founder / CEO at Sucuri, 100,000+ WordPress Websites are compromised.
Their preliminary analysis is showing correlation with the Revslider vulnerability we reported a few months back
The impact seems to be affecting most hosts across the WordPress hosting spectrum. Quick breakdown of the decoding process is available via our PHP Decoder.
SoakSoak Malware Anatomy when decoded can load a javascript malware from the domain, specifically this file: hxxp://
If you believe you are infected you can use our Free SiteCheck scanner.

IT in the upcoming years.

As you can imagine, innovation, and R&D related to cloud, mobility, Big Data/analytics, and social business, will dramatically impact the evolution of the IT industry and trends for the upcoming years.
Disruptions, excitements and regulations will be unmatched, compared to what we are experiencing now.
This means, as from now, organizations, need to assess their talent management competency and organizational structure.
They need objective data and tailored technologies to uncover gaps between their own and average industry talent management maturity.
Integrated organization characterized by a common purpose, coordinated actions, and a high degree of internal communication, teamwork, and standardized processes, are encouraged by 
This approach will help them, to face unprecedented technical and organizational challenges brought the emerging technologies (security, privacy, regulation and accuracy).
It also helps them to assess their organizations’ talent manageme…

Talent Analytics in our data-driven world.

In our highly competitive and disrupting environment where multinational companies face political instabilities, regulations constraints, and complex policies; cloud-based Human Capital Management solution, should be able to provide predictive analytics for identifying top-performing talent, extended global capabilities and support.
In fact, multinational companies need:to better understand and predict employee performance; they need to identify with a high degree of accuracy the potential an employee has in becoming a high performer. 
The ability to take immediate action to properly support your teams for future growth; early action to identify, develop, and retain talent, is also critical. encourages Ultimate Software, a cloud provider of people management solutions, in this vertical.

Reach out to your digital-users before they leave in our data-driven world.

Data are and will be at the center stage of our lives, investments, productivity, performance and the end-to-end competitiveness.
Strategically , various data from multiple sources will help us understand our world, improve our security, to make predictions, develop our business and generate new opportunities. 
In this momentum, reach out to your digital-users before they leave in our data-driven world, means inter alia: take in user event data and run machine learning models to predict the future.
It could also mean: take care of the infrastructure, feature engineering, machine learning, and model focus on users. 
Identify high-value customers;Find out what keeps your users happy; up to date predictions about future user behavior; connect with data analytics services and aggregate events into one centralized warehouse ; automatically parse, filter, and create predictive features out of your data for our models; provide advanced behavior reports on your users are critical. Framed paves its…

mCommerce, mPayments and Internet of Things in 2015.

As always reminds, 2015 is a year of the emerging technologies, security, privacy, productivity, performance, technological disruptions and the end-to-end competitiveness.

This means that, during this disruptive and exciting year, we are going to witness mobility market to continue experiencing strong growth; it will be center stage for business growth.
We are going to witness strong consumer transition to mobility for every facet of their lives.
The essential of consumer transactions will be conducted on mobile in 2015, while moving away from pure-play Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions and focusing on app and content management will be critical. 
Emerging markets like China, India, Indonesia and Nigeria will lead the trends.   We will see the rise of numerous mobile wallet formats, enabled inter alia by the QR code. Excitement around mobile payments will be encouraging.
Companies will speed-up their mobility focuses from device management to application and co…