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Data backups to the Cloud: Google Offline Media Import/Export paves its way.

Simple, low-cost, fast-response storage services with quick data backup, retrieval and access ramp up. praises this momentum indispensable in our digital age.

By releasing Offline Media Import/Export, a solution that can allow you to load data into any Google Cloud Storage class (Standard, DRA and Nearline) by sending your physical media; such as hard disk drives (HDDs), tapes, and USB flash drives; to a third party service provider who uploads data on your behalf, Google is powering those with slow, unreliable, or expensive Internet connection.

Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) cloud service platform.

Smart sensors and smart devices, smart applications, Big data and new analytics technologies and services revolutionize henceforth how people and manufacturers build: object, assets and product or interact with the environment and create new service revenue opportunities.
The dynamic behind SeeControl, (a San Francisco-based developer of an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) cloud service platform) is exciting as its service helps manufacturers and systems integrators connect, analyze, control, and manage remote assets. 
Henceforth is looking forward to see how Autodesk will improve and develop the platform when it comes to help users leverage the Internet of Thingsto capture, analyze, and utilize data from their products.