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Platform for developers building connected home products in our connected world.

Thoughtful home, smart home, connected home, these expressions are now part of our lives. This new landscape has its own requirements and challenges that developers are progressively addressing. 
Latency, Reliability, security, scalability and usability are at the core stakes. Nest Labs, Inc., a Google company charts its way; focusing on comprehensive platform, streamlined technologies and cloud services that help developers transform how you interact with your home. New number of updates to the Works with Nest program follows this curve.

Online Central repository to solve particular IT Ops, DevOps and Information Security problems.

Open source community of contributors and solutions are henceforth at the core of innovation and IT revolution. 
Their knowledge , experience and features are indispensable when it comes to address specific business use cases in our connected world where: 

Demand for a fast, scalable and affordable platform capable of deriving operational intelligence from the huge volume of machine data being generated by modern IT infrastructures increases,
The challenges associated with managing a vast array of different log formats, and creating application-specific visualizations and integrations, are exciting.
The arrival of the Graylog Marketplace website is encouraging, as it can facilitate the open source creation and contribution of user developed Graylog product add-ons. recalls that, the Graylog Marketplace provides a central repository for accessing user-created product extensions that can solve particular IT Ops, DevOps and Information Security problems.

The Qt Automotive Suite in our connected-car age.

In our connected world, drivers are more and more excited when it comes to extend their work and their home into their vehicle through the connected car. We are always at the early stage, but recent innovations can bring peace in minds in terms of security, services, and usability.
Henceforth the Qt Automotive Suite joints the momentum as a solution built on the Qt toolkit which encompasses libraries, tools, hardware adaptation and ready-made components.
Through this new release, the Qt Company, with its partners KDAB and Pelagicore aim to support common In-Vehicle-Infotainment (IVI) system development needs of automotive OEMs and Tier1’s.

Security updates from VMware address security vulnerabilities in vCenter and ESXi.

VMware has released security updates to address security vulnerabilities in vCenter and ESXi. Exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review VMware Security Advisory VMSA-2015-0007 and apply the necessary updates.

Puppet Application Orchestration in our digital age.

Henceforth distributed systems are at the heart of IT innovation and revolutions with streamlined experiences; whether you’re deploying on premise, in the cloud, on bare metal or via containers.

Puppet Application Orchestration follows this curve as a new way to help organizations deliver, install, configure and maintain distributed software applications. recalls that, now you can model ‘complicated’ applications and application stacks as Puppet code, including dependencies between services and systems.