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Educational webcast : strategies for managing your growing cloud portfolio without losing control.

The cloud computing as emerging technology has become indispensable when it comes end-to-end competitiveness and to streamline your critical IT operations. Therefore as a modern company, you need a comprehensive mastery of this new discipline.
You can explore this discipline by joining Dell’s cloud expert James Urquhart and guest speaker, Forrester Research Principal Analyst Dave Bartoletti, for thiseducational webcast. You’ll also learn about the results of Forrester’s latest survey of IT decision makers, and you’ll receive a copy of this eye-opening report just for attending this session.
Determine the best cloud-management services to accelerate your path to hybrid cloudOvercome challenges faced in expanding cloud services from multiple providersManage a growing cloud portfolio without losing controlMaximize the benefits of enterprise cloud usageWebcast: How To Deliver a Hybrid Cloud With Agility, Governance and Choice
Date:Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Time:10 a.m. PT /…

TeamViewer 10 brings exciting Improvements and new features.

To improve and secure, your working conditions (chat, video calling, collaboration, sharing and more) everywhere and with anyone, TeamViewer 10, henceforth permits access to all your devices using just one whitelist. 
You can now see and talk to multiple participants simultaneously in a single call, and share your screen at any time. 
In terms of security, video calls and screen sharing are end-to-end encrypted. Now you can add your profile picture; TeamViewer 10 now automatically displays nearby computers and contacts.
TeamViewer 10 can provide flawless connections to 4K displays for both remote control and meeting sessions.
When it comes to Real-time session notes, you can maintain a protocol during a remote control session, or note something when it comes to mind.
TeamViewer 10 brings streamlined design and convenient new shortcuts and intuitive interface. With Computers & Contacts API, you can synchronize information, and easily access, manage, and edit your computers and contacts.

The FBI sent an alert to U.S. businesses: threats, stakes and opportunities

Following the destructive and complex cyberattacks targeting Sony Pictures, the FBI sent an alert to U.S. businesses, warning those businesses of an attack using particularly malicious software against a U.S. based business. 

According to the FBI the malware evolved can crash networks and erase hard drives. 
A Reuters article about the report, states, “The overwriting of the data files will make it extremely difficult and costly, if not impossible, to recover the data using standard forensic methods.”

Malware can be distributed via social engineering and phishing methods,  so, also available via encourages organizations to refresh their awareness program to try to minimize the chances that an employee can be tricked into helping to load the malware. Or review this critical note.

Artificial Photosynthesis Technology for Generation of Fuel and Feedstock from Carbon Dioxide.

In our challenging world where, atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide increases, where the exhaustion of fossil fuels is critical, where the spurring interest in adoption of renewable energy sources are encouraged, technologies that use solar energy to generate carbon compounds from carbon dioxide and water are welcome., also available via, observes that, Toshiba’s technology uses a gold nanocatalyst via nanoscale structural control technology applied to a multijunction semiconductor that absorbs light in the visible range with high light utilization efficiency. 
The long-term goal of the research work is to develop a technology compatible with carbon dioxide capture systems installed at facilities such as thermal power stations and factories, utilizing carbon dioxide to provide stockable and trailerable energy.

New security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird.

Our global Cyber Awareness System reminds that, the Mozilla Foundation has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to obtain sensitive information, cause a denial of service, or exploit a buffer overflow on an affected browser. Updates available include: Firefox 34Firefox ESR 31.3Thunderbird, also available via, encourages users and administrators to review Mozilla's Security Updates and apply the necessary updates.

Free access to Autodesk’s professional software and services for use in classrooms, labs, and at home.

It is henceforth clear and obvious that the way we create and build, imagine and make things, is dramatically changing, with the sophistication of a set of professional design software and tools like Autodesk. 
Thanks to Autodesk, Inc., who has made its design, engineering and entertainment software free* to students, instructors and academic institutions worldwide.
Henceforth, students, faculty members and academic institutions around the world, can experience this new approach adopted by Autodesk, when it come democratize the access to advanced technology being used by industry professionals today.