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Advanced logic process technology

Our current mobile-driven era requires high performance mobile, computing and network applications. In this momentum, the advanced logic process technology can bring peace in minds with high performance.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has revealed its second generation 10-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology, 10LPP (Low Power Plus). Samsung began mass production of system-on-chips (SoCs) products on 10LPE, October, 2016. The latest Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones are powered by some of these SoCs.

Here is why Chief Information Security Officers are increasing the automation of security tasks

Security breaches cause reputational or financial damage, so that, the need for a new approach to respond to the rising number and cost of data security threats is at the core of stakes. Many security analysts agree on the fact that, Automating and orchestrating security response is the missing link for CISOs to radically increase the effectiveness of their security programs. In effect, manual processes, resources and talent deficiencies, and the inability to prioritize threats are impairing security response effectiveness. As a result, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are increasing the automation of security tasks to bolster their response and remediation efforts.

Market Dynamics of the home automation system market

As follow, we have Market Dynamics of the home automation system market- Research and Markets Drivers : Growth in Internet of Things (IoT) Cost Reduction Measures Enabled By Home Automation Systems Rapid Proliferation of Smartphones and Smart Gadgets Large Number of Manufacturers Expanding Their Product Portfolios Increasing Importance of Home Monitoring From Remote Locations Restraints : Some of the Home Automation Products in Developed Countries to Reach Maturity Level Market is More Convenience-Driven Than Necessity-Driven Opportunities : Lighting Controllers to Incorporate In-Built Data Connectivity Technology Favorable Government Regulations in Several Countries Challenges : Risk of Device Malfunctioning

The proactive segment within the home automation system market

Based on a set of stakes related to necessity and security, the proactive segment is expected to hold the largest size of the home automation system market by 2022. For those who are unfamiliar, Proactive solutions are specifically designed to enable consumers to understand energy patterns and take effective measures to reduce their consumption. Proactive solutions are more beneficial as they can also send recommendation signals to end users for taking necessary energy reduction actions and can then control the electronic devices based on the users' actions.

The home automation system market is steadily a convenience-driven market than necessity-driven

Many analysts agree on the fact that, since many products are reaching maturity level, home automation system market steadily appears as convenience-driven market than necessity-driven; this might limit the growth of the industry. Research and Markets reveals that, the market for lighting control is expected to grow at a high rate because it reduces the electricity consumption in homes as sensors adjust the intensity of artificial light according to the intensity of natural light. Lighting control provides flexibility with respect to the lighting operation, which improves the ambiance, interior decoration, and productivity.

The key driving factors for the growth of the home automation system market

The expectations are big in terms of convenience, necessity and security. This reality is fueling the market which is expected to be valued at USD 79.57 billion by 2022, according to Research and Markets. Steadily, one can observe that, the key driving factors for the growth of the home automation system market are the growth in Internet of Things (IoT), cost reduction measures, large number of manufacturers widening their product portfolios, and increasing importance of remote home monitoring.