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The convergence of data governance solution and information sharing-collaboration in the cloud: realities, recommendations and solutions.

The critical data available in real-time, anywhere and anytime under  top level requirements of security is a game-changing when it comes to make smart decisions and to collaborate, within companies and organizations.
Therefore at,  we think  that the convergence of data governance solution and information sharing-collaboration in the cloud is henceforth a path forward for each global company or organization to be more competitive, performing and productive.
With this holistic, approach,,  talks inter alia, about: 
a centralized platform for policy enforcement; critical data governance and secure collaboration capabilities; appropriate levels of security, compliance, and governance;Collaboration Control;Contextual Access Control;Compromised Account and Insider Threat Detection;Advanced CloudDLP.

In this environment,, recalls that, it is also paramount to appropriate unparalleled visibility and risk assessment, usage and threat anal…

Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Software Defined Application Services (SDAS): realities and recommendations.

In our mobile-driven world,intuitive cross-platform mobile apps are crucial. In fact, companies and organizations need inter alia: holistic approach and good methodologies to application delivery and development. They need a comprehensive suite of services across mobile, data center, cloud, wearable and hybrid environments. Flexibility and security without sacrificing performance are welcome.
The ability to adapt quickly to new protocols, applications, regulations, good practices and cloud technologies, can help them in real-time to streamline operations; add efficiencies, performance and to appropriate the end-to-end competitiveness. At,  we recommend this game-changing approach. 
When it comes to the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) and Software Defined Application Services (SDAS), here  Companies and organizations  can successfully deliver applications to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
This means inter alia: ·Pragmatic and evaluative defenses against sophistic…

New security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird are available.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that, the Mozilla Foundation has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to cause an exploitable crash or execute arbitrary code. Therefore, the following updates are available:               Firefox 32Firefox ESR 24.8Firefox ESR 31.1Thunderbird 31.1Thunderbird, soon #Retinknow encourages users and administrators to review the Security Advisories for Firefox, Firefox ESR and Thunderbird to determine which updates should be applied to mitigate these risks.

The vision behind the LTE Small Cell Security solution for future generation mobile networks.

With the proliferation of mobile video and service consumption across the world, mobile operators and services providers are accelerating the deployment of the Small cell base stations and the 4G and LTE mobile networks, to deal with this increasing demand. This trend is encouraging, but in our ever changing world, with sophisticated threats and attacks, we need to be sure that networks are secured against attack and interception.  Therefore, at, soon #Retinknow®, we think that, the vision behind LTE Small Cell Security solution for future generation mobile networks can focus inter alia on:
A virtualized environment with full support for SDN/NFV networking, which reduces deployment time and costs,
Encryption capabilities for secure data backhaul,
intelligent mobile data offloading ,
Enhances performance and reduces latency,
Encrypted connectivity , 
Scalable, flexible, seamless and agile architecture.
The purpose should remain the ability to help telcos to build and manage …

Bonne pratiques et nids de poules à éviter en matière de développement d’applications mobile.

Les appstores sont de plus en plus inondées d’applications, les utilisateurs et les propriétaires des APPSTORES (Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc.), sont de plus exigeants, la concurrence est de plus que rude et les menaces d’avantages sophistiquées et ciblées. 
Si développer ou programmer une application mobile est devenu extraordinairement facile et excitant (grâce à la richesse des bibliothèques, Framework, IDE, services,technologies, bonnes pratiques et méthodologies disponibles en temps-réel), peu de développeurs trouvent leur compte et les meilleurs sont rares.
Simplicité, contenu solide ou fidèle, sécurité bout-en-bout (chiffrement), une politique de mise à jour transparente, l’expérience utilisateur et focus constant sur les fonctionnalités doivent être des priorités temps-réel pour les développeurs.
Chaque développeur se sent certainement à l’aise avec son langage préféré, mais il ne faut oublier que la programmation objet facilite bien de choses ; le natif peu être un risque sûr…

Data center outsourcing (DCO) and infrastructure utility services (IUS): stakes, realities and recommendations.

In our ever challenging economic‘s environment, each company looks for an exciting and relevant way to appropriate an end-to-end performance and competitiveness. 
In this challenging process, it is crucial for each organization or company to find a trusted and competitive partner.
This means when it comes to data center outsourcing (DCO) and infrastructure utility services (IUS),,  encourages organizations, companies and the public sector to be assisted by a trusted and competitive partner to help them inter alia integrate the innovative IT solutions with their existing investments.,  recalls that, cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings are part of IUS and data center managed services.
These offerings are often enabled by remote infrastructure management (RIM) services and combine cloud computing components.
Users must focus on their specific needs and flexible, scalable, secure, seamless and comprehensive: …

Electronic signature software and services: realities and recommendations.

While, still at the early stage of Electronic signature, at, we are pleased to observe that, Electronic signing is becoming flexible and simpler, more accessible, and cheaper. 
Signature verification and fraud detection technologies are henceforth available on-premise and for cloud-based deployments.
The technology removes barrier between a hybrid paper-to-digital workflow to an all-electronic process; speeds up closure in any type of transaction that requires inter alia a contract.
This means inter alia: reduce transaction costs and the time to close business; offer both click-to-sign and physical signature capture via mobile and other endpoints., also encourages companies to appropriate, e-signature as part of their overall enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) strategy.
Docusign and SignDoc®, Softpro’s electronic signature software, progressively weave their web within this industry.