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Unified communications applications and businesses of all sizes: here is what matters!

Due to the new flexibility around Unified communications applications, it is more and more obvious that, enterprises are becoming more aware about business objectives and the exact optimization solutions that will assist them with their specific goals, such as customer retention, process improvements, and script adherence. encourages this momentum, and recalls that having a well-defined goal before deploying the UC solutions is critical.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that the unified communications applications market is segmented into traditional telephony (IP and PBX), email, unified messaging, IM (instant messaging)/presence, mobility, contact center, and video conferencing (video and Web). 
The unified communications services market includes hosted conferencing (audio, video, Web), hosted voice, hosted contact center, and hosted email. 
Presence and integrated UC applications include middleware applications that provide a real-time status in…

Make Data-Driven Product Decisions, also leads you to:

There is no place or space for bias in our data-driven world when it comes toMake Data-Driven Product Decisions.
Platforms for data-driven product managers, should focus on the real-time ability to enable product teams to collect, analyze, manage, and act on customer feedback across a wide variety of channels and build roadmaps that lead to better products, happier customers and more revenue. 
A suite of tools to help product managers prioritize roadmap decisions using data about customer preferences and individual traits is also indispensable like the ability to allowing teams to make decisions using statistically significant data related to customer demand, revenue and return on investment. 
For the informational purpose only, recalls that UserVoice3.0 paves its way in this vertical.

We are there to help,  and boost, so  feel free to submit your app and technology for a global fit and hit. 

A deep integration with Microsoft Office 365, also recommends=

Office Online is henceforth at the core content creation in our digital age, where productivity, flexibility, seamless, security, privacy, performance and agility are the game-changer. Therefore, a deep integration with Microsoft Office 365, also recommends:

to transform the way people and businesses work,
to help businesses and individuals be more productive, collaborative and successful,
More choice and simplicity for how you work together with documents and digital content,To easily browse, open and edit Office Online files,
Automatically save all changes made in Office Online,
Connections between the core applications that people use to get work done,
Eliminate the need to upload or download files or move back-and-forth between applications, simplifying workflows and mitigating the security risks that come with locally stored content.
A deep integration with Microsoft Office 365, also focuses on: robust collaboration features, such as task management, workflow automation, comments and r…

Analyze social sentiment for insights around programs, products, trends and more, also, means=

Social media, game apps, blogs and forums are at the core of the social sentiments in our digital age where people and consumers use henceforth internet to express their opinions and share about their daily life.
In this context, Analyze social sentiment for insights around programs, products, trends and more, also, means:

Observing what our customers are saying and doing,
Capturing important information, from product sales and selections, to the timing of purchases, and more,
Uploaded transactional information and quickly began discovering insights,
Introduce a product that is actually relevant to consumers,
Leveraging predictive analytics to make better, more strategic business decisions,
Providing clearer insights into purchases,
Predict what customers are likely to buy.
It also means: Having direct access to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ …data for insights into what your buyers are talking about ; understand the data and the story we can tell, and be focused on what really matters rather th…