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The Availability of the Solar Powered AIS Class B Small Vessel and VMS Tracking and Identification Transceiver

At the core of stakes, we have: proven performance and long term reliability. We have integrated GPS and VHF antennas, a range of security features, dual terrestrial and satellite tracking modes.
In effect, SRT Marine Systems plc announces the availability of its first fully certified solar powered AIS Class B small vessel and VMS tracking and identification transceiver. 
The kit includes a full bracket system to make installation with the Identifier vessel mounting bracket simple, secure and robust.

Deep realities around Detachables and Convertibles Tablets in India

The India market is steadily at the core of numerous excitements in terms of business opportunities. This market has its specific particularities as game-changer; then one can observe for instance, Detachables are seeing better uptake compared to convertibles owing to the reason that convertibles are relatively premium priced while detachables are able to effectively bridge the price and functionality gap between tablets and entry level notebooks.

IT and Facilities should work together to optimize the data center environment

The requirements of our ever-connected digital world are increasingly huge and high, so that, IT and Facilities should work together to ensure efficiency and optimize the data center.
In effect, both teams need to work together and understand the impact that the aforesaid considerations will ultimately have on the data center environment.
Upsite Technologies has releases new White Paper exploring how IT Decisions impact Data Center facilities and the Importance of Collaboration.
The white paper develops a cooperative approach to data center management. Key considerations and findings of the white paper include employing airflow management best practices as well as specifying: High ΔT Servers vs. Low ΔT Servers A1, A2, A3, or A4 Servers Equipment That Breathes from Front-to-Back Solid State Storage or Tape Storage Cooling Unit Set Point Cages that are Compatible with Containment

Categorization of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms available on the market

It is increasingly interesting to see that, there is a wide range of software platforms available, intended to reduce cost and development time for IoT solutions by offering standardized components.  For those who are unfamiliar, IoT puts more emphasis on integration of sensors, devices and information systems; so that, most IoT platforms available on the market today can be categorized as being a connectivity management platform, a device management platform or an application enablement platform, unique features and functionalities.

The most important regarding Advanced flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data

For those interested in flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data, it is indispensable to recall that, streamlined scale, record-smashing efficiency, and a breakthrough price point should draw your interest. 
Advanced flash memory platform for cloud infrastructure and big data should offer virtually infinite on-demand scalability, lower energy consumption, great multiprotocol support, and greater rack density, to name a few.

Ultra-Efficient Deduplication Algorithm

At the core of stakes we have: reduced amount of CPU resources and DRAM required to perform deduplication with interesting speed. We have streamlined power consumption, greater rack density, and streamlined cost.
In our ever-connected digital world where data centers should be leaner, greener, more agile and dramatically less expensive to operate, Nimbus Data announced the granting of a patent for deduplication technology.
Efficient deduplication reduces the amount of CPU resources and DRAM required to perform deduplication with exceptional speed, enabling such all-flash arrays to offer a distinct competitive advantage in power consumption, rack density, and cost.
The patent number 8,751,763 is entitled “Low-overhead Deduplication within Block-based Data Storage”. 
Energy efficiency, greater rack density, and scalability of flash memory are at the core of stakes.