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Cooperation to competition for construction of Smart City.

As you can imagine, the construction of Smart City is a huge project, covering top-level design, comprehensive integration, platform construction, software development, network and hardware support, construction maintenance, service management and so on. To deal with this complexity, recommends municipalities and governments to balance Cooperation and Competition, when it comes to the construction of Smart City; then, they can easily advance the progress of new-style of urbanization.

Sophisticated Trends and critical realities within the Smart TVs industry.

From a set of practical difficulties, henceforth smart TVs are set to become an important category of consumer electronic device, and can become hubs of content/service/advertising ecosystems.

Within this nascent market, can observe that, several vendors in future would base their smart TVs on operating systems (OS) that started life in smartphones.
LG will be using WebOS; Samsung will be using Tizen; Panasonic will be using Firefox OS; and Sony and Google will use Android TV.
TV sets are not as suitable or useful for some types of app, such as navigation, communication and personal productivity. The market size is reduced by the fact that TV sets are typically replaced less often than smartphones. Substantial and important ecosystems will develop on smart TVs, especially in the area of entertainment services. 
The screen through which smart TV apps and services are accessed will be valuable to the company that controls it, because it gathers an audience for advertising…

Now you can preview what is stored inside SD memory cards out of your PCs, tablets or digital cameras.

Progressively we are surrounded by exciting NFC-enabled devices and applications. The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is full of promises, then at Toshiba Corporation’s Semiconductor & Storage Products Company , they announce the launch of the SDHC memory card with built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) functions.
The new product combines the features of NFC technology; the app “Memory Card Preview”installed and an NFC-enabled AndroidTM smartphone, so that, you can exchange data and preview the available storage space, as well as 16 thumbnails (max.) of the photos stored in the card. Sales of the 8GB, 16GB and 32GBcards will start from February 2015.

Purpose-built SoC for wearable devices.

Wearable devices, progressively and aggressively, excite and flood our consuming habits; but we are still at the early stage of this industry and a set of wearable devices,suffer from performance.
Henceforth, the Intel® Quark™ SE SoC (Intel Curie module) aims to be a complete low–power solution for the wearable space with compute, motion sensor, Bluetooth Low Energy and battery charging capabilities. The module runs on open source RTOS.

The entertaining IT spirit in our digital-driven world.

If Cloud technologies and big data technologies, the Internet of Things and social technologies, radically transform how people improve their living and working conditions and communicate, the “entertaining IT spirit” in our digital-driven world will infuse in product design and innovation.
As you can imagine, the entertaining IT spirit refers to increased consumer demand for more entertainment-oriented products and apps, like game notebook, remote unmanned aircraft, home consoles, self-photographing artifacts, virtual reality devices, etc., Consumers prefer and will prefer products with more entertaining IT spirit and abandon the former rigid product formats.