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Step-by-step, from-the-ground-up guide to become an ultra-hireable data analyst.

As you can imagine the data science is  the most promising science in our data-driven world. The stakes are vital when it comes to address, tackle and mitigate our critical issues and preoccupations, in terms of business, health, security, sustainable development, living and working conditions and more. 
In this momentum, we mostly, need to know how to think, how to ask the right questions. How to nurture an intuition about what things are important, and what things aren’t; and learn to sense the “question behind the question” and to discover the exact issues driving the need to analyze the data.
Now we are going to meditate the post below, from Cheng Han Lee, talking about the up-front work of learning and sharpening the necessary skills.
‘’Programming Programming is an integral aspect of data analysis. It’s the core skill that sets data analysts apart from business analysts. You’ll need to be able to program well in one or more programming languages—start with Python or R—and to have a …