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Critical vulnerabilities in Drupal recalls that, Drupal has released updates to address multiple vulnerabilities. Exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to gain access to a system account, including an administrator's.
Available updates include: •  Drupal core 6.36 for 6.x users
•  Drupal core 7.38 for 7.x users
Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review Drupal's Security Advisory  and apply the necessary updates.

Automated Security Vulnerability Remediation with Runtime Application Self-Protection in our digital age.

Security challenges are increasingly daunting and blunt in our digital age where sophisticated attacks sponsored by nation-states hit the digital space and storm people, businesses and governments. Alongside this geocyber, it is clear that, negligence, lack of security skills and Java vulnerabilities remain a critical problem.
The existing security paradigms struggle to effectively test and diagnose all applications for security vulnerabilities, and to protect those vulnerable applications.
But it is encouraging to note that, new generation of software application security testing (SAST) tools that automatically generate rules, can provide a virtual patch against code level attacks including SQL injection, unrestricted uploads, command injection, path traversal, code injection and more. 
This new generation of can provide RASP for security monitoring, policy enforcement and attack blocking from within the Java Virtual Machine. Both data center and cloud-based applications can be protec…

Using a machine learning model, also, means=

From speech recognition technologies, and self-driving cars, to targeted medical treatments, the stakes around machine learning are henceforth at the core of the improvement of our living and working conditions. 
With Machine learning, we talk about streamlined Artificial Intelligence, a collection of sophisticated algorithms, rigorous mathematics that can inter alia identify structure in data. 
Henceforth with this technology, researchers cure disease , governments make better policy, businesses make better decisions, and you can figure out the best way to get to work, and help you personalized your entertainment.
If, you have a lot of ideas about how your company can use machine learning, do not forget that, it is also critical to master sophisticated machine learning techniques that get your in-house machine learning system off the ground, automatically. 
By acquiring Whetlab, Twitter paves its way when it comes to help you build better machine learning models.
We are there to help, str…