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Internet Crime Report for 2014: doxing, click-jacking, and pharming, social engineering and phishing attacks.

Image recalls that, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released its Internet Crime Report for 2014, indicating that scams relating to social media, including: doxing, click-jacking, and pharming, have increased substantially over the past five years.
Therefore, encourages users to review the IC3 Alert for details and refer to the US-CERT Tip ST04-014 for information on social engineering and phishing attacks.

Data, Privacy, Big-data/Analytics, good for business: here is how!

We live henceforth in a digital age, where everyone and everything is connected, where the sharing economy is a game changer, where everyone and everything produce huge volume of data and metadata in real-time and anywhere.
This trend is the core of our digital age. Therefore recalls that companies need to stop looking at customer privacy as a blunt challenge to overcome, but as the powerful foundation upon which all customer relationship efforts are built and streamlined.

Company should enforce a level of analytics standardization wherever there is a business case to do so. encourages universities, technology companies, politics, entrepreneurs, and civic planners to be reliant on big data analytics and insights gleaned from IoT devices to develop smart systems for transportation, waste management, law enforcement, energy, and much more.

You have the real-time ability to optimize and streamline business operations through real-time analytics.
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These recent major trends can boost your cloud experiences!

At, is also our critical role to help you, stay at the forefront of the digital industry. This week Google is voicing its opinion loud and clear: the company is moving all of its internal applications to the cloud. The Cloud architecture brings henceforth peace in minds when it comes to a safer storage than traditional models.

Dropbox a pure-player in document collaboration has earned ISO 27018 certification: the world’s first international standard for cloud privacy and data protection. recalls that the certification provides a set of transparency standards for the platform, including where customer data resides on its servers, what happens to deleted files, and information on third parties associated with Dropbox. Feel free to contact us and submit your app or technology.

Critical challenges, Assets and recommendations when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT).

We are still at the early stage with regard to the end-to-end maturity. Smart sensors, streamlined networks and optimized platforms for data analysis are already there. The opportunities and usages are endless; but the following challenges including: security and data privacy, customer demand, limited standards, market fragmentation, vague new revenue sources, and technology weakness, should be addressed.
Therefore, encourages actors to focus on security and ease of use and scalability, with a holistic connection to analytics. Feel free to contact us and Submit your app or technology.