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Showing posts from April 4, 2015

Unified Open Software-defined Storage Portfolio in our data-driven age.

Data is critical asset in our digital age; meaning that, when it comes to a Unified Open Software-defined Storage Portfolio approach is necessary if it can provide inter alia:
comprehensive offering for emerging data storage workloads,
Help enterprises manage storage for current and emerging workloads in fast-growing new cloud infrastructures, such as OpenStack,
Bring together established technologies,
help enterprises manage their current and emerging data storage workloads using open source software and standard hardware,
Scale-out software-defined storage solutions,
Give enterprise the confidence that their storage workloads are optimized for open, software-defined storage,
The best fit for your specific storage requirements,A workload-centric approach to solving users’ current and future storage applications and IT challenges is also recommend by
For informational purpose only, recalls that, the unified Red Hat Storage portfolio combined with SanDisk’…

Amazing tech startups and investors this week at

This week, they were many that have captured our attention, but few were amazing in terms of solutions, but a set of, including the following deserves your glance.

DroneDeploy is a smart drone management platform for industrial users conducting outdoor landscape mapping and monitoring. Founded in 2013, DroneDeploy is now launching out of beta with a SaaS product. Among its investors: SoftTech VC , Data Collective and AngelPad.
SalesLoftprovides SaaS for sales reps to create targeted lists of prospects on the Internet. The company will put the funding toward sales and marketing and plans to expand its team to 100 by the end of the year. Among investors: Emergence Capital Partners and Storm Ventures.
Noom is a mobile healthcare startup that focuses on using data to prevent diseases. Founded in 2007. Noom Coach is a weight-loss app, and Noom Health, a platform that connects patients and their healthcare providers. Among investors: RRE Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures andTranslink Capital. HyTrus…

Scalable cloud center with global reach in our digital age: stakes and realities.

Secure flexible, agile, seamless, scalable, and customizable infrastructure solutions for both enterprise and born-on-the-Web or mobile businesses are henceforth critical when it comes to productivity, performance and the end-to-end competiveness. 
In this environment, scalable cloud center with global reach brings: services at a global scale; make it easy to expand and grow our business; delivers option of data redundancy; eliminates latency and can provide a reliable experience for end users.
It also brings: remote access and control via Web portal or API; with this approach, you can create your ‘ideal’ public, private, or hybrid cloud environments. For informal purpose only, Google Cloud and IBM SoftLayer pave their way in this industry.