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Toshiba: Top 3 announcements of the day.

Here is Orange ambitious program to extend LTE Signalling through direct connectivity and peering agreements.

Here is how NASA determines crucial aircraft characteristics such as lift and drag.

Sommet mondial CDN 2013 : enjeux et opportunités pour les participants.

Blackberry has recognized hardware revenue on approximately 3.7 million BlackBerry smartphones.

Beats Electronics and HTC Europe Co officially divorce: stakes and opportunities.

IBM has unveiled new capabilities in its Smarter Cities software, delivering cloud-based analytics.

Polémique et réalités autour des ventes des nouveaux iPhone 5C et iPhone 5s près de 7 jours après leur mise en vente officielle.

The ZTE “Pocket WiFi 203Z” and “Pocket WiFi (GL09P)” 4G routers are billed as the world’s fastest mobile data access.

More than $100 million in seed funding, and more than $650in funding captured by Connectikpeople.

Skype for Mac version 6.9; CCleaner v4.06 and new Evernote 7.0.1: it is time to choose what is important for you.

Paiement en ligne et sur mobile : eBay renforce sa présence en rachetant Braintree pour 800 millions de dollars.