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Showing posts from May 21, 2013

Video: Battery STAMINA Mode saves energy when your Xperia is in standby.

The innovation around the battery usage is henceforth a stake for mobile manufacturers. In fact the mobile devices, have increasingly

The Raspberry Pi desktop DIY Mini Desktop PC is now built.

‘’The Raspberry Pi desktop was an easy project to imagine, but keeping cost to a minimum and educating ourselves on the technology ended up being more time consuming than we initially

Facebook launches Native Share Dialog for iOS Apps: 3 extra steps required for login when sharing are eliminated.

Henceforth available, this release is intended for developers, with the goal to enable more or less easily sharing features in their iOS apps.
In fact the Share Dialog brings a lightweight and consistent way to

Google et Yahoo ! révolutionnent l’espace de stockage en ligne avec le Terabyte : enjeux et réalités.

Google a été le premier lors de la conférence des développeurs (I/O13) à proposer un Téra de stockage disponible pour les propriétaires de Chrome Pixel. Yahoo !, à son tour, vient de profiter

EclipseCon announced in France as of June 5-6, 2013

Fans, developers and curious of Eclipse will be gathered as of June 5-6, 2013 in Toulouse region. (France). The goal, highlight: modeling, systems engineering, technologies

The new version of Opera browser for Android is now intuitive.

The Opera Browser  despite the ramping up to Google Chrome is well known via its data compression technology. The new version

Yahoo ! passe définitivement à l’optimisation publicitaire avec le rachat de Tumblr, et le relooking de Flickr.

On attendait Marissa Mayer dans ce tournant à la suite de ses accords de publicité avec Google. L’enjeu, exploiter la puissance des régies de Google pour rentabiliser son audience multicolore et

9.7-inch iPad volume production will begin in July 2013?: Specs and Suppliers expected.

According to certain sources, the new iPad will be available in the market as of September. It might include a 2,048 x 1,536 Retina display, (like the 4th-generation model), a glass substrate of 0.2mm,

The final release of HandBrake 0.9.9 is henceforth available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

This release includes requested features and improvements. Therefore general improvements bring: Improved HandBrake

Dell announces new features for two NEBS Level-3 and ETSI certified rack-mount servers.

Henceforth available, the goal behind this release is to add choice and flexibility to Dell customers’ solutions and incorporate some of the latest technologies. This means since May 20th, 2013, Dell is

Major update at Google+ for Android bringing Photos, Location and the Stream iimprovements.

In addition of the recent 41 new features, this major update focus on the improvements in photos, location, and the stream. Nowthe, what is billed as a new photos experience on Android