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PriveOSTM Based PriveCallTM Devices for Secret Level High Security Communication

At the core of stakes, we have new Linux based Operating System (OS) PriveOSTM, transparency to Operating System internals, personal end-to-end encrypted communication, the ability to allow users to audit source code, build procedures and encryption implementations for high security requirements.
In effect, XXLSEC Ltd brings up new Linux based Operating System (OS) PriveOSTM, which aims to reduce “known unknowns” in high security required environments and applications with the goal to offer total transparency to Operating System internals
I can observe that, first products utilizing PriveOSTM are personal end-to-end encrypted communication devices, like Privecall™. Updated Privecall™ 2.0 device is equipped with new PriveMessage™ extremely secure instant messaging tool, and with new improved touch screen based User-Interface. Device is manufactured in Finland and is available globally in December 2016.

The application of blockchain technologies on cloud

It is indispensable to recall that, through the application of blockchain technologies on cloud, banks can streamline operations by adopting a one-time process with secure data protection and enhanced identity verification.
On this dynamic, for instance, using the open-source Hyperledger Project Fabric, immutability, traceability and privacy of the information is provided on a permissioned distributed ledger which is critical in a highly regulated environment.

The advent of Industry 4.0 and smart factories

I have a pleasure to recall that, digital manufacturing technologies have been experiencing exponential technological growth in recent years. In effect, 3D printing, advanced robotics, IIoT and many data driven technologies are not only redefining manufacturing, but are also fundamentally reshaping the product design. 
Emerging Technologies are playing a vital role in the revolutionary transformation of many key industries, such as aerospace, automotive, industrial automation, healthcare, and oil and gas sectors.

Here is what will make the future of manufacturing highly automated and self-sufficient entities

Steady, it is interesting to observe that, Industries and manufacturers have started to adopt 3D printing, advanced robotics, IIoT and many data driven technologies to achieve maximum benefit from the technologies in terms of operating profits and achieving sustainability in manufacturing
In effect, the entire new transformation and revitalization in manufacturing is defined by data technologies and data analytics that will make the future of manufacturing highly automated and self-sufficient entities.

The End-to-End Platform for Building out Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge Environments

At the core of stakes we have the ability tobuild out edge environments to support emerging applications such as Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR), autonomous driving and high speed mobile apps. In effect, Vapor Edge, as a complete end-to-end platform for building out IoT and edge environments, can process vast amounts of data locally, efficiently sharing only the most important results with centralized servers.
I can also observe that, for low latency applications, such as autonomous driving and virtual reality, Vapor Edge can make it possible to operate at scale, as each micro-datacenter on the edge can respond to nearby devices in microseconds.