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Analyze trends and patterns in high volume social media and other public data streams.

The race for big data is quite real and is full of requirements, challenges, threats and opportunities. Thanks to, millions of decision makers and governments are progressively aware of this critical reality across the world. 
Once more, IBM has improved its strategy for the social data with the general availability of the Watson Personality Insights service, which allows developers to integrate new capabilities to analyze trends and patterns in diverse, high volume social media and other public data streams. 
These services are available free of charge to help developers explore potential use cases.

Help break down the barriers between clouds and on premise IT systems.

It is more and more encouraging to observe that open technologies power the Cloud industry and its revolution. 
Whatsoever Clouds public, private, or hybrid, it is henceforth obvious that, this emerging technology enable companies to extend, streamline, secure, scale their existing IT infrastructure and integrate across systems.
IBM announced new hybrid cloud technology and investments that aim to tackle the biggest challenges enterprises face as they adopt cloud and integrate existing applications, data and services across a multitude of traditional systems and clouds. encourages this new initiative and invites enterprises and organizations to appropriate the cloud benefits.

A new approach for an Intelligent Flexible Cloud (IFC) environment.

Live in a data-driven environment means: meet security and privacy requirements; but it also means: reduce power consumption, increase responsiveness and performance, reduce latency meet inter alia size constraints for next-generation networks.
ARM has announced its vision for transforming network infrastructure to address the demands of content-rich mobile experiences and IoT-based services in the next decade. hails this initiative and recalls that a new approach for an Intelligent Flexible Cloud (IFC) environment is built on technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization(NFV), which combined with distributed intelligence, can enable applications to move out in the network to where data resides for a significant reduction in power consumption and increased responsiveness.
The result according to ARM is a more elastic and resilient network, with the goal to accelerate time to market; meet the high velocity of cloud business…

Key portable gaming trends and marketplace statistics for 2014.

Figures, data, stats and incomes around and inside the gaming industry are exciting and one can then expect and predict a glamour future, for this growing industry. 
IDC and App Annie have released the Portable Gaming Spotlight, 2014 Review, and can easily observe that, gaming revenue continued to dominate mobile app stores.
The research shows that iOS maintained revenue lead; Google Play gained ground, while handheld gaming went sideways. The report also found that global portable game spending increased across all platforms between 4Q13 and 4Q14.
Among the key findings for 2014, recalls that: The global installed base of smartphones and tablets that are regularly used for gaming topped one billion in late 2014 for the first time.iOS continued to generate more direct spending on games than Google Play in 2014, although Google Play closed the gap significantly compared to 2013.Gaming revenue continued to dominate mobile app s…

Docker: new tools for orchestrating distributed apps (Machine, Swarm and Compose).

With Docker you can easily and safely develop, deploy and scale your app in real-time. In its dynamic of performance and productivity, Docker has released today the first versions of new tools for orchestrating distributed apps (Machine, Swarm and Compose). however recalls that these new tools are not ready for production yet, but you can try them out and tell Docker what you think.
When it comes to these new tools, Machine can let you easily deploy Docker Engines on your computer, on cloud providers, and in your own data center.
Swarm, as a native clustering for Docker containers, pools together several Docker Engines into a single, virtual host.

Compose is a way of defining and running multi-container distributed applications with Docker.