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Virtual reality, tracking, and human-computer interactions in our digital age.

We are still at the early stage when it comes tomicro-optics,sensing technology, Computer vision, Virtual reality, tracking, and human-computer interactions.
But the most exciting is to observe that, human-computer interactions are henceforth at the core of stakes when it comes to streamline our digital experiences. talks about technologies that use inter alia: custom optics, sensor systems and algorithms to detect and track movements.
Pebbles Interfaces is one of the disruptive players in this market. The company that focuses on depth sensing technology and computer vision wants to unlock new human interaction methods in VR and revolutionize the way people communicate in virtual worlds.
Oculus, a Facebook company is aware of the stakes. Henceforth Pebbles Interfaces will be joining the hardware engineering and computer vision teams at Oculus to help advance virtual reality, tracking, and human-computer interactions.

Mobile Internet and MTN Mobile Money APIs in Africa.

The leapfrogging capabilities, and trends observed in Africa when it comes to mobility and IT transformation are exciting and full of promises. Most young are now connected and use their smart devices to share and entertain, work and communicate. very popular in Africa streamlines their experiences in real-time. The key drivers of this momentum include: low-cost smartphones, expansion of High-speed internet networks (3G, 4G) and wide range of flexible costs to get access to Internet. Everyone talks about M-Pesa in Africa when it comes to the world's most successful money transfer service. MTN Mobile Money APIs henceforth paves its way letting you charge an MTN subscriber directly from your app. In this dynamic also talks about customized and fluid purchase and billing experience. Functions include: 1.requestPayment(phoneNumber,amount) This function sends a request payment to the Mobile Money platform. 2.placePayment(phoneNumber,amount) This funct…

Cloud Service Agreements (CSA) in our digital age.

Millions around the world who use in real-time are aware of critical trends, actionable data and groundbreaking technologies around the cloud including: (Public, Private and Hybrid). On this actionable post, talks about Cloud Service Agreements (CSA), that are a set of documents containing the terms governing the relationship between the cloud customer and cloud service provider. It is critical for to master and understand this guide that contains guidelines to analyze and negotiate terms outlined in CSAs from different cloud service providers. Below, you can download (pdf) a practical Guide to Cloud Service Agreements including a checklist of key criteria for evaluating CSAs.

Cloud RTC platforms: easily integrate communications into your apps.

Simplified access to messaging, voice, and video services in our mobile age is a game-changer, when it comes to streamlined contextual communications.
Beyond the fact that, the WebRTC standard is still evolving and that, the industry needs greater consensus around signaling, recalls that the opportunity for in-app communications is broad and diverse.
This market is expected to reach over $4.3 billion USD by 2019 equating to a CAGR of 57% over the forecast period. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that Cloud RTC platforms are the platforms that enable developers and businesses to easily integrate communications into their apps. 
These platforms provide SDKs and APIs to mobile and web developers; simplifying access to messaging, voice, and video services. 
For developers that are having trouble to envisioning how to leverage communications in new ways within their apps, and are challenged to think beyond the traditional simple phone call, Connectikpeopl…