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MTN Cameroon results for year 2013: the real value of the company.

Despite some discretions in terms of traffic volume (revenue generated by subscriber) within its network and with others operators (Orange ,Camtel , and more), observes that, compared to MTN Ivory Cost (+9.11%), MTN Cameroun has generated about ,+11,9%  in terms of total

MTN Group revenue increased by 12,0% (3,1%) to $12834.76 million: stakes and opportunities.

Beyond the fact that, Orange Group (one of the key Telecom operators in Africa) has now a total of 236.3 million customers at 31 December 2013, + 29 million than MTN Group (207,8 million people in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East) at31 December 2013, compared to Orange Grouprevenue, MTN Group has realized great performances in 2013. However recalls that, the weakness in the rand exchange rate in the year contributed to the improvement in reported revenue for operations outside South Africa. The rand declined by 15,6% against the naira, while the naira remained relatively constant against the US dollar. As, a unique objective reference for modern organizations and professionals, when it comes to Tools, Supports and Solutions for drawing the value-added in their daily activities,, encourages the Group to continue improve network quality and capacity, and facilitate higher voice and data traffic. If the result of about 6,1% decline in rev…