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Have you ever heard about IBM PureSystems?, here why this solution has been adopted by Alelo.

In our commitment, is there to help you as IT managers; IT decisions makers; organizations and more to make informed and efficient decisions. In this momentum, we are proud to share this case and to talk about IBM PureSystems. Launched in April 2012, about 8,000 users from 100 countries have selected IBM PureSystems. The IBM PureSystems family offers an alternative to current enterprise computing models, where multiple and disparate systems require significant resources to set up and maintain. recalls that, the PureFlex System enables organizations to more efficiently create and manage an infrastructure. PureApplication Systems help organizations reduce the cost and complexity of rapidly deploying and managing applications. PureData Systems are tuned for cloud computing and can consolidate more than 100 databases on a single system and the combination of both PureData and PureApplication Systems can be used for end to end

Paiement mobile du stationnement : ce que vaut la France notamment Paris.

Même si une dizaine de PMEs françaises travaillent au très haut niveau de haute technologie, la France reste un pays comparativement à ses voisins européens, toujours à la traine en termes d’adoption des innovations. Les mentalités semblent très dures. Cependant progressivement les choses bougent pour constater que s’agissant par exemple du paiement mobile du stationnement, une expérimentation plus intelligente, dans quatre arrondissements de la capitale Paris sera lancée en 2014 avec l'objectif de généraliser

Alcatel-Lucent : le Plan Shift entraine un avenant à ses contrats de Crédits Garantis de Premier Rang.

La dynamique se poursuit donc, via Plan Shift, le franco-américain a pu arracher dès le 20 décembre 2013, officiellement, de ses prêteurs un avenant à ses contrats de Crédits Garantis de Premier Rang (Senior Secured Credit Facilities), annoncés le 30 janvier 2013. observe que l’avenant rentre en vigueur en février 2014. Ce dernier a pour effet d’abaisser de 4,75% à 3,50% la marge du taux d’intérêt applicable au Crédit à Terme Garanti de Premier Rang (Senior Secured Term Loan Facility) d’un montant de US$1 750

Backup to the cloud services: the real value of VMware.

In this ecosystem, it is difficult to do without VMware, specialized in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that aim to enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era. Therefore, this company is paving it way in the way to help companies protect their data both on-premises and in the cloud.  Its Partner ecosystem and solutions to offer Backup to Cloud Services
includes: VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.5 and VMware vSphere Data Protection 5.5 Advanced feature. Henceforth iomartcloud, part of European cloud company, iomart Group plc, and Paragon Development Systems (PDS), will provide backup to the cloud services based on VMware vSphere Data Protection™ and VMware vSphere

SDN (Software-Defined Network): the real value of NetCracker Technology.

At the core its activity, the SDN is billed as a critical area of investment for his users. In fact in this momentum, users seek to reduce their Network and Data Center CapEx and OpEx significantly while simultaneously creating a platform to launch innovative services faster in the marketplace. Well known as a subsidiary of NEC Corporation, NetCracker Technology progressively demonstrates its capacity in advancing SDN technologies. The company is a recipient of the annual Excellence in SDN Award. Based on the reality that, SDN architecture has already had a profound impact on the IT and Telecom industries and, as this technology continues to grow in popularity, the Excellence in SDN Awards recognizes the companies that are leading the way in SDN architecture and

Cloud Deployments on Mirantis OpenStack Distribution with VMware Technologies: here is how Mirantis and VMware manage their Partnership.

As one of the pure-play OpenStack Company, Mirantis who deliver the software, services, training and support needed for running OpenStack, wants to consolidate its position and enrich its assets. In this dynamic, henceforth Mirantis alongside VMware works to develop and deliver solutions that help users accelerate large-scale cloud deployments based on the Mirantis OpenStack distribution and

The Alcatel-Lucent Metro Cell Express Site Certification Program aims to accelerate wireless small cell adoption.

To the detriment ofother activities,this is clear henceforth that, Alcatel-Lucent refocuses its activities on the Ultra-Broadband Access. This plan is called ‘'Shift Plan’’. In this dynamic, Alcatel-Lucent has launched the Metro Cell Express Site Certification Program, with the goal to remove the challenges associated with site acquisition and backhaul for metro cell deployments. This also means enable mobile operators address the demand on network capacity caused by the huge growth of both devices like smartphones as well as bandwidth-hungry data services such as video communication

Energy efficient, performance optimized server solutions: Super Micro Computer paves its way.

Henceforth Supermicro has expanded range of energy efficient VDI Server solutions for NVIDIA GRID; this means, the new solutions are optimized for NVIDIA GRID™ graphics-accelerated virtual desktops and applications. The new NVIDIA GRID VDI certified systems are: 1U SuperServers: 2x Xeon E5-2680 V2, 16GB DDR3-1866, 2x Intel® 520 2.5”