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Unified monitoring and management of critical IT services and infrastructures in our digital world.

Productivity, performance, security, flexibility, seamless and scalability in real-time are the path forward when it comes to the end-to-end competitiveness in our digital global world. Within this environment, unified monitoring and management of critical IT services and infrastructures means inter alia:
Boosted IT performance and improved service reliability ,enhanced analytics, alerting and cloud monitoring capabilities;
Deliver the reliability and responsiveness that users demand;
Resilient, flexible, secure, seamless, comprehensive and scalable architecture;
focus on real issues;
Early warnings of problems;
Better determine real and persistent performance issues;
Minimize false alarms due to occasional spikes;
Develop and deploy applications with precision and speed;
Scalable, end-to-end monitoring capabilities;
Stay ahead of potential infrastructure issues;
Proactively identify and resolve issues to ensure optimal performance of your critical IT services;
Minimize the need for disparate …

Customer relationship management beyond the sales cycle and traditional interaction channels.

In our new digital era where, companies now engage with their customers in a very different manner; where they advertise in a very different way; where customer retention is important as sales, we need flexible, scalable, seamless, secure and comprehensive CRM solutions that covers every single interaction along the customer lifecycle, offering an end-to-end, multi-channel approach that can provide valuable insight, context and information throughout the entire customer lifecycle., soon #Retinknow, talks about sales force automation; customer information stored in a centralized place accessible by every customer-facing member of the organization, we talk about analytical tools to help companies measure and improve their customer-related activities in real-time. 
Therefore, a new CRM beyond the sales cycle and traditional interaction channels, means:
Engage the Right Prospects;
create a hub for all customer-related information;
External integrations to increase the cust…

Data-driven software systems: trends, recommendations and solution.

Big data/Analytics technologies are henceforth indispensable, when it comes to productivity and performance in our highly-competitive world surrounded by sensing technologies, social platforms, smart devices, wearable technologies and the cloud computing technologies and services. 
This means that, as the promise of big data/Analytics is to drive better strategic decision-making, improve customer experience, improve productivity, reduce costs and more; it is also clear that enterprises need sophisticated, flexible, seamless, scalable, secure and comprehensive platforms to design, develop and deploy data-driven software systems by applying in real-time in-memory, in-database and in-Hadoop processing technologies., soon #Retinknow salutes the new partnership between AptitudeSoftware and Cloudera, which the purpose is to provide the abilities enterprises need in real-time to create software systems that store, integrate, process and control all their data.

Cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services: trends, stakes and recommendations.

If it is obvious that the new IT Convergence drives technological innovations, it is also clear that it fuels us with vast amount of valuable data, which helps us improve our: critical operations, business-grade needs, services, living conditions, quality of health and more. 
Cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services are among this new generation of flexible, agile, secure, seamless and scalable innovations. 
With the cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services, talks about the ability to solve challenges across industries, organizations, cities; to help accelerate, enhance, and scale human expertise for confident decision making. 
Leveraging cloud-delivered cognitive applications and services, a new class of software, services and apps that can think, improve by learning, and discover valuable insights from vast amounts of Big Data; henceforth you can transform industries and professions, transform decision-making. recalls that clou…