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The 2014 MasterCard African Cities Growth Index (ACGI): facts, figures and stakes.

As part of our global commitment, soon Retinknow®, is seduced by the unmatched work progressively achieved in Africa by the MasterCard African Cities Growth Index (ACGI). This index provides actionable insights into the opportunities for investment in Africa. This index launched in 2013, spans the continent’s economic outlook according to the inclusive urbanization of its cities. Sets of lagging (historical) and leading (forward-looking) indicators were used to rank the cities’ level of inclusive urbanisation, forecasting potential for inclusive growth. The 74 analysed cities were organised into three categories by population size: large (over one million), medium (between 500,000 and one million) and small (under 500,000). Once ranked, the cities fell into one of four bands describing their inclusive growth potential – high,

Permettre aux collaborateurs au sein d'une entreprise de travailler en ayant recours le moins possible aux e-mails : ce que vaut Dropbox.

Travailler en ayant recours le moins possible aux e-mails. C’est une nouvelle tendance qui émerge dans un contexte où les débats inondent autour de la vie privée, le droit à l’oubli et les données personnelles ou sensibles. Droptalkjusqu’ici tient la tête de ce mouvement pour permettre l'échange de liens entre contacts de manière privée. La fonction est disponible via une extension Chrome. Dropbox, le service de stockage en ligne, et des outils collaboratifs pour professionnels, dans sa stratégie de séduction des professionnels vient d’acquérir cette jeune pousse qui a mis en place (version beta) un outil permettant de s'échanger facilement des liens de manière privée, en rendant possible la communication sur navigateur, tablettes et smartphones du marché. Un dynamisme qui démontre que Dropbox, est vivement déterminer à révolutionner le

The Mobile-ICT transition at ZTE: stakes and opportunities.

In our mobile-driven world, which means: big data, lot of opportunities, new challenges and the proliferation of 3G and 4G LTE networks, companies have to focus henceforth on the comprehensive, scalable, and flexible, seamless and secure technologies and services that meet their needs. As part of our global commitment, soon Retinknow®, attended the recent ZTE Global Analysts Conference in Shanghai. During this event, the company’s new strategic mission to help its customers and partners embrace the era of Mobile-ICT, has captured our attention. 
With this new approach, the Chinese company focuses on: smart-pipes, mobile devices, cloud-based services, and big data infrastructure systems. This means ZTEwill intensify efforts to develop technologies for cloud-based services systems such as IPTV and Smart City, as well as Data Center, storage, virtualization and other big data

Machine-to-machine (“M2M”) and Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions: a new milestone for Maestro Wireless Solutions Limited.

When it comes to Machine-to-machine (“M2M”) and Internet of Things (“IoT”) solutions and investments, soon Retinknow® is particularly seduced by the growing efforts deployed for Fargo Telecom Holdings Limited. This includes its growing stable of IoT companies, its comprehensive portfolio of products and services, its substantial footprint in the heart of Europe, and its seasoned management. To name a few. The acquisition of the assets of Falcom Wireless Communications GmbH, (a provider of tracking solutions, means henceforth: new solid R&D team with strong experience