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The new SaaS-based UP eCommerce Payments solution

Henceforth, merchants must make payments a seamless part of the consumer experience. ACI Worldwideis aware of the stakes with its new SaaS-based UP eCommerce Payments solution that includes plug-ins to all major eCommerce shopping cart solutions and relevant online payment methods for virtually any market, and it can deliver integrated payments and fraud capabilities via a single sign-on.

SIGFOX and Connected Finland on the Global Internet of Things Network to Finland

Steadily and strategically, SIGFOX is establishing a global seamless Internet of Things network that can provides simple, ubiquitous, energy-efficient connectivity for billions of connected devices. A new momentum includes the extension of the SIGFOX’s global network throughout Finland by 2017. 
SIGFOX’s energy-efficient and low-cost IoT solution can open powerful new use cases in sectors such as insurance, smart cities, smart buildings, and asset tracking, safety and security, transportation and industry.

Networking services to connect the Swedish representation entities abroad

In our ever-connected world, Ministries of Foreign Affairs are increasingly at the core of stakes; so that, they need flexible, streamlined, scalable, reliable and secure communications solutions. Orange Business Services has won an extended contract to deliver global networking services for the Government Offices of Sweden to 100 embassies and consulates around the world. 
The network combines Business VPN, satellite, Ethernet and internet for sites in a variety of locations, including urban areas, remote places and countries with limited infrastructure.

IBM on EZSource to Help Developers Modernize Mainframe Applications for Digital Business

Overall, the digital transformation is on an exciting curve and the API economy is charting its way as a game-changer when it comes to streamline each critical experience.
On this environment, the real-time ability to modernize and update applications is indispensable.
EZ Legacy Ltd. (EZSource), an Israel-based application discovery company helps developers quickly and easily understand and change mainframe code based on data displayed on a dashboard and other visualizations. 
For those who are unfamiliar, EZSource provides a visual dashboard to quickly and easily show developers which applications have changed to ease the process of modernizing applications, exposing APIs and more efficiently leveraging development resources. 
IBM plans to acquire this company in the second quarter of 2016. IBM’s API management solutions, including z/OS Connect and IBM API Connect, coupled with EZSource’s technology, help connect services from core applications to new mobile, cloud, social and cognitive …