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A must-have requirement when selecting a Cloud Access Security Broker or a CASB platform for any organization

It is now obvious that, a Cloud Access Security Broker or a CASB is a critical component of each cloud security stack, as increasingly companies and organizations of all sizes embrace the cloud for core business applications and processes. Based on this reality, there is no question that the ability to encrypt corporate data with keys you manage and without degrading service performance or adding friction to the end-user experience is a must-have requirement when selecting a CASB platform for any organization.

Protect sensitive data in the cloud

Many Security experts agree steadily on the fact that, encrypting data in the cloud using enterprise-controlled keys is an important capability in protecting sensitive data and meeting security and compliance requirements. 
Expert analysts from Gartner agree that, implemented properly, data protection using encryption/tokenization, while the enterprise maintains control of the key/tokenization dictionary, can be a powerful way to protect sensitive data in the cloud. With this dynamic, one can also prevent the cloud service provider from seeing sensitive data, if necessary, to satisfy compliance policy requirements.

Cloud-Based Encryption Using Enterprise-Controlled Keys

Increasingly, one can observe that, encryption of data stored in cloud services using enterprise-controlled keys via cloud-based encryption gateways could be a game-changer, as for instance, this approach enables organizations to encrypt data across various SaaS applications (such as Salesforce, O365, ServiceNow) at the same time as avoiding the operational and user experience challenges of deploying an encryption gateway on-premises. 
On this momentum, organizations can get peace in minds when it comes to cloud-enable business-critical applications while meeting their security, compliance, and service performance needs.