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Warning on Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-025.

Image recalls that, the US-CERT is aware of continued exploitation of insecurely stored passwords in Group Policy Preferences, due to incomplete implementations of Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-025

Systems may still be vulnerable to exploitation if administrators have not cleared all previously stored passwords from their environment. An attacker may decrypt these passwords and use them to gain escalated privileges.

Therefore, recommends that administrators employ the PowerShell script provided in Microsoft  Knowledge Base Article 2962486and follow the included instructions for clearing all "CPassword" preferences from their environment.

Google Cloud Deployment Manager and open sources frameworks for configuration management.

The cloud is now indispensable so that, complexities, regardless of level are not tolerated. Deploy the cloud resources, such as virtual machines, networks, and storage is henceforth required to be eased. Enterprises want the process for creating the resources for their applications, to be easy and agile, repeatable and controlled.
Existing open source configuration management systems like Puppet, Chef, SaltStack, or Ansible pave their way.
Henceforth Google bets on its native-integrated tool Google Cloud Deployment Manager, to help you deploying the cloud resources, such as virtual machines, networks, and storage, necessary to power your applications.  
You can rely on Deployment Manager to create and manage your deployments on Google Cloud Platform

Deployment Manager can provide a declarative system that allows you to express what you want to run. It also offers UI support directly in Developers Console, allowing you to view the architecture of your deployments.

Macs at Scale to the Enterprise via Cloud, Certified Mobile Workstations and Desktop Workstations.

The Cloud is henceforth indispensable for our productivity, flexibility, performance, agility and scalability anywhere and anytime.
On this momentum, this week IBM has unveiled its deep commitment to deploy Macs at Scale to the Enterprise via Cloud.
Exciting news for the fans that will be more or less able to quickly, easily and securely integrate Macs with their enterprise systems and applications.
While, observes that, ‘’high-end PC users and Apple Mac Pro users migrate to workstations," said Ebenezer Obeng-Nyarkoh, Senior Research Analyst, Worldwide Trackers Group.
In fact,IT professionals need and increase demand for high performance, flexible and productive computing; graphic capabilities, and greater reliability.
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Workstation Tracker, certified mobile workstations continued to show stronger growth in the second quarter of 2015 (2Q15), while the desktop workstation market experienced a sli…