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Address enterprise requirements for running and monitoring Node.js at scale

Node.js applications are henceforth at the core of our digital era where open source enterprise-grade software , products and services streamline how businesses of all sizes innovate, scale and face new challenges anywhere and anytime.  NodeSource, the Enterprise Node Company™, has updated N|Solid™ providing increased visibility into Node.js applications running at scale. 
In fact, N|Solid v1.2 (free for Development use) harmonizes existing enterprise application performance monitoring (APM) solutions, providing granular, ‘high’-frequency views of Node application as well as the underlying runtime and host. 
Connectikpeople observes that, users can assign multiple user-defined tags to every process, which then can be used as filters in the N|Solid Console Cluster view to help triage performance issues. Users can also tag processes with additional identifiers relating to an application’s role, hosting environment, development or production area, or any attribute that might aid with rapid …

Capabilities retailers or e-merchants need to deliver a consistent experience anywhere: online, in stores and via mobile

We live henceforth in a connected world, where every dynamic is exigent and demanding, where people increasingly have access to actionable data and where competition is deeply aggressive with powerful emerging innovative tech startups.
In this landscape, help retailers or e-merchants deliver a consistent experience anywhere, also means: comprehensive suite of cloud and on-premise solutions embedded with the analytics that retailers worldwide can use to personalize offers, streamline operations, and increase sales and margins.
In fact, specifically retailers or e-merchants also need: Real-time insights into comparative sales, salesperson productivity, merchandise productivity, store sales, and store traffic. Capabilities to facilitate collaborative planning across commerce, store and wholesale channels and to better align the day-to-day decisions that impact sales, inventory buys and promotions with topline business strategy. capabilities to identify and fine…