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Attaques de type DDoS ; Cloud d’optimisation Web et de sécurité: ce que vaut Akamai.

Mobile Branchless Banking in Emerging Markets: Oberthur Technologies Partners with mBank.

FileMaker 13 Platform is already available: stakes and opportunities.

The impact of 4G networks on consumer behavior: UK, France and Spain scrutinized.

Web social : ce que vaut Apple.

Speech Processing Solutions: Dear professionals, Brand New Philips Pocket Memo Voice Recorders are available.

Reconnaissance de langage : ce que vaut Yahoo à côté de Wolfram Alpha ou l’assistant Siri d’Apple.

Unified behavioral analytics: here is the CoolaData platform: stakes and opportunities.

Avec ces solutions de sécurité HP veut accroitre l’innovation tout en réduisant les risques : ce que Conneectikpeople pense.

Google Compute Engine is Generally Available (GA) and brings new features and lower prices: stakes and opportunities.

Toshiba has expanded its lineup of enterprise SSD products with the new enterprise read intensive "PX03SN series".

The latest advancements in Nuance PowerScribe 360 support industry shift.