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Critical Worldwide Security 2015 Predictions.

In a time of disruptive changes, it is henceforth clear and obvious that, vulnerabilities within mobile apps, web apps, and devices will be more and more rare; security breach will be more and more sophisticated; aggressive and customized attacks will proliferate; devices, wearables, mobiles apps and networks will be exposed and targeted; social and personal data and information represent the grail. 
In this context, where the emerging technologies are changing how security is acquired, deployed, and used, enterprises and government organizations will change how they make security-related spending decisions.
This means, beyond finding the appropriate product to stop attackers, companies need to better controlling access to information, by utilizing inter alia: Machine learning capabilities and threat intelligence to gain an understanding of what attackers are doing in order to anticipate their actions., also available via reminds that, solutions that…

Critical Security Updates for vCenter Server, vCenter Server Appliance, and ESXi

As part of our global Cyber Awareness System,, also available via, reminds that,VMware has released a security advisory to address multiple vulnerabilities in vCenter Server, vCenter Server Appliance, and ESXi. 
Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to perform man-in-the-middle or cross-site scripting attacks. Users and administrators are encouraged to review VMware Security Advisory VSMA-2014-0012 and apply the necessary updates.