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A business intelligence startup and a data analytics software company.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world.
Zoomdata, (Founded in 2012, a business intelligence startup based in Reston, VA), has raised a $17 million Series B round led by Accel Parterswith participation from NEA,Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Razor's Edge Ventures and B7. This startup provides a data visualization and analytics system to let business users see and interact with data in a variety of ways. Zoomdata has raised just over $22 million to date and will use the latest capital to expand sales and marketing teams and build out its customer base.
Alteryx, (Founded in 2010, a data analytics software company headquartered in Irvine, CA), has raised $60 million in a Series B round led by Insight Venture Partners with participation from existing investors SAP Ventures and Toba Capital. With Alteryx, analysts can …

Recent and upcoming changes around authentication for Gmail IMAP, POP, and SMTP.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that Google has begun increasing the security checks that occur when logging in with a user’s Google password. This includes access via Gmail IMAP, POP, and SMTP-MSA. 
When it comes to OAuth 1.0 XOAUTH authentication mechanism for Gmail IMAP and SMTP-MSA, it is deprecated and will stop being supported on May 5, 2015.
This means developers must migrate to XOAUTH2 in order to continue authenticating to Gmail after that date. The migration guide is available and Instructions for developing your XOAUTH2 code are in the XOAUTH2 documentation.

Infrastructure-performance monitoring in our new business environment: trends, stakes and recommendations.

More than ever, we need strong confidence in our: infrastructures, skills, knowhow, performance and in our vision when it comes to set goals and fulfill our commitments where and when required.
To deal with growing aggressions and competition, cyberattacks and environmental challenges, Infrastructure-performance monitoring in our new business environment means: A single platform with a real-time monitoring dashboard and automatic alerts to notify IT administrators of network or application problems. 
It also inter alia means: visibility into critical web and legacy applications. IT team should easily and quickly troubleshoot issues to determine the root cause of the performance problem, diagnose and fix application failures faster than before. 
Be more proactive, getting ahead of application problems before they happen; gain better manageability and efficiency; deal with fully integrated solutions and capabilities for any IT department to deliver flexible, seamless, secure, agile and sca…

Converged infrastructure (CI), in our global economic environment.

The Global economic environment means high competition anytime and anywhere. In this ever changing environment, businesses and professionals need effective and streamlined infrastructures in real-time when it comes achieve their commitments. 

Converged infrastructure (CI) combines inter alia: servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software into a single, integrated solution., soon #Retinknow encourages Vendors to appropriate the culture of collaboration and integration: CI solutions, technologies, partnerships knowhow and more.
This approach is path forward for cost-efficiency, security, performance and end-to-end productivity., soon #Retinknow recalls that demand for CI is being driven by the need streamline IT operations, reduce mission-critical costs, as well as increased virtualization and cloud deployment.

Online Translation Services and language-learning program online: trends, stakes, challenges and recommendations.

It is obvious that, in our digital-driven world driven by the mobility, more people with different language backgrounds are in communication in real-time than ever before. This means that people need highly effective automatic translation services. However we are still at early stage of this reality.
Nowadays, we have an abundance of online translation services: some are easy-to-use programs which translate text instantly from one language to another, while others link the user to someone who is fluent in multiple languages of interest.
But the real stakes is the ability of Online Translation Services to deal with Natural Language Processing: slang, expressions, dialects, irony and humor., soon #Retinknow salutes researchers, who are making progress in modeling all of these phenomena.Indeed there is much work to be done, but we cannot give-up. 
Thanks to Google Translate  an in instant, online translations service. Beyond the fact that the translations that result are o…

Traceable and secure mobile communication in our ever changing business environment.

The combination of the knowledge, knowhow, expertise and skills is henceforth a path forward for every vendor specialized in security, mobile communications and more., soon #Retinknow salutes the new joint offering agreement between CellTrust® Corporation (traceable and secure mobile communication), and GWAVA®, (provider of compliance, security, archiving and eDiscovery for electronic communication)., soon #Retinknow recalls that as part of this engagement, GWAVA will expand its Retain™ Unified Archiving of email, social media and mobile electronic communication to include secure, encrypted and compliant communication for iOS and Android utilizing CellTrust SecureLine™.

The business-grade phone system: trends, stakes and recommendations.

As you can observe here, a set of achievements have been accomplished in terms of security when it comes to help businesses en professionals fulfill critical missions through their endpoints. But never forget that, the holistic security begins by us and finishes by us.
While security challenges are more and more various and sophisticated, it is clear that we cannot scarify productivity and performance. Therefore, soon #Retinknow, recommends the appropriation and the combination of security, productivity, intuition and performance at all levels., soon #Retinknow encourages the Enterprise mobility management (EMM) market which has evolved to include inter alia: endpoint management, policies management, identity, networks security, data protection and management, application security, and application life-cycle management.