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Marketing Automation Software: trends, drivers, assumptions and key vendors.

Digital services, products and technologies are more and more called to be tailored. In this schema, convenience, performance and increased productivity are the keystone.
The Marketing Automation Software market is henceforth driven by the need of marketing accountability, third-party application ecosystem, and is proud to observe that these drivers among others are creating demand of the software across various verticals. 
For those who unfamiliar, the Marketing automation software is a sales and marketing tool susceptible, to help companies turn the customers into delighted customers. The software broadly focuses on range of automation and analytic tool for sales and marketing activities through multiple online channels. 
According to Research and Markets, the major factors which are restricting the growth of Marketing Automation Software market are open source solution, technology shift, and data privacy
In its recent report, there are various assumptions that have…

Remote Vehicle Capabilities: Lincoln and Google pave their way.

Bit by bit the connected car concept enlivens the cottages, with a set of capabilities and features susceptible, to leave no one indifferent. 
Henceforth, MyLincoln Mobile(TM) app, is billed as the first automotive brand to launch an available seamless integration with Google Now, offering a new notification opportunity for Android smartphone users to remotely start their vehicle. 
In fact, when connected via the embedded modem available on the 2015 Lincoln MKC and MKZ and coming to the 2016 Lincoln MKX, the MyLincoln Mobile app can give owners the ability to start, lock, unlock and locate their vehicle, as well as schedule remote starts. can also observe that, Remote starts can be programmed for specific times and days of the week.

Industry HTML5 document viewer in our data and mobile-driven world.

Responsive design, scalability, performance and agility requirements are now the core of our digital experiences. The mobility brings the increased productivity and the responsive design the convenience we need anytime and anywhere.
In this schema, the industry HTML5 document viewer in our data and mobile-driven world is an application for securely viewing and sharing virtually any document, image or message file type through the browser on almost any end-user device, desktop or mobile, without the need for external players, plugins or apps. 
The responsive viewer has to auto-adapt both its high-fidelity document display and navigation controls to the screen size.
The industry HTML5 document viewer in our data and mobile-driven world is susceptible to empower professionals to securely review, markup and approve documents in their native file formats. 
It enables users to apply customizable watermarks to documents for an added measure of protection against unauthorized use. 
A set of featur…

Google Earth Pro is henceforth free : data visualization, site planning and information sharing tools.

For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Google Earth Pro is billed as a 3D interactive globe that can be used to aid planning, analysis and decision making. As Businesses, governments and professional, you can use Google Earth Pro for data visualization, site planning and information sharing tools. With its advanced tools, you can also inter alia measure 3D buildings, print high-resolution images for presentations or reports, and more.
Henceforth Google is making Google Earth Pro available for free.

Geomarketing (GeoIP) approach in our data-driven world.

In our mobile-driven world where an astonishing volume of data is generated in real-time from multiple sources (sensors used to gather information, posts to social media sites, digital pictures and videos, purchase transaction records, and cell phone GPS signals to name a few.), recalls that, a Geomarketing approach in our data-driven world, can inter alia allow:
·Marketers to target Web content to users based on their physical location, without using third-party IP detection;
·Enables global brands to foster a more relevant, targeted, and personalized user experience down to a user’s country, state, city, and even ZIP code;
·Allows serve up much more relevant advertisements based on what is going on around them at that specific point in time;
·Presents geographically-specific content based on a visitor’s physical location;
·Display legal notices in certain countries; and boosts engineers’ ability to manage website scalability and speed. WP Engine, a SaaS content mana…