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The Release of impOS 34 for Advanced Edge-to-Cloud Security and IoT Connectivity

Full-life-cycle development and maintenance of IoT edge devices and gateways is at the core of stakes with the release of impOS™ 34; as the latest version of its IoT operating system.
Now, impOS 34 increases levels of security for device connections and operating system updates and delivers Private Cloud support for users using the imp003 module for edge applications.

Puck Hi-Res™ LiDAR Sensor for Higher Resolution to Identify Objects at Greater Distances

Autonomous vehicle, 3D mapping and surveillance industries with significantly higher resolution of 3D images are at the center of stakes with Velodyne LiDAR Puck Hi-Res™ sensor.
Velodyne LiDAR Puck Hi-Res™ sensor provides higher resolution in captured 3D images, which allows objects to be identified at greater distances. 
The technology dives into the 3D imaging market expected to grow from $5.71B in 2015 to $15.15B in 2020, led by the development of autonomous shuttles for large campuses, airports, and basically anywhere there’s a need to safely move people and cargo.

The strongest driver of VR and 360 technologies

Through Pokémon Go, Occulus and others, one can easily observe that the rollout of 360 and VR technologies is accelerating and is quickly becoming an industry-changing phenomenon. 
In effect, multiple brands are introducing affordable 360-degree cameras and accessories, as well as popular platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Google. The combination of VR video gaming will be a game changer. 
Therefore, many analysts predict that, user generated content will be the strongest driver of VR and 360 technologies.

The CyberLink's True360™ technology, with the necessary tools to create immersive 360-degree videos

Immersive 360-degree videos and content is increasingly part of our daily-digital lives and experiences. 
The new CyberLink's True360™technology taps into this reality with the necessary tools to create immersive 360-degree videos. 
Then, at the core of stakes, we have: solution for editing, color grading and producing 360-degree videos.True360™ technology enables editors to apply a full range of movie making tools to 360 footage including titles, transitions and animated particle effects, and adds interesting features to create dynamic conventional videos from 360 clips using the True360™ View Designer.

The new CR-4iA and CR-7iA table-top size collaborative robots, and CR-35iA heavy-payload collaborative robot

Highly-sensitive contact detection to share workstations with people is at the core of stakes with the CR-7iA, CR-7iA/L, and CR-4iA collaborative robots that follow the launch of the larger CR-35iA collaborative robot. 

The robots can now perform more arduous tasks or repetitive operations without the need for expensive industrial safety barriers.

Fully Managed Cloud-native SIEM and Log Management Solution

Threat Detection and Compliance Reporting with Lower TCO and Faster Time to Value,Log Management, Data Archiving, Forensic Analysis, Threat Detection, Compliance Reporting, Fully Managed, and Cloud-native Solution are at the core stakes. 
In effect, the availability of SecureVue® Cloud that integrated with EiQ’s SOCVue® Security-as-a-Service platform is billed as a fully managed cloud-native SIEM/Log Management solution that can deliver a faster, easier, and highly scalable implementation without the need to purchase and maintain hardware or employ dedicated SIEM/Log Management administrators.
SOCVue Security Monitoring can protect organizations from cyber threats and helps meet compliance mandates.

Integrated Graphics Processing Unit GPUs Vs Discrete GPUs in our ever-connected world

A trend like desktops and laptops’ decline is irreversible in our ever-connected digital world where hybridlaptops, wearables, smartphones , and detachable tablets draw key excitements. 
Technavio researchers found that, integrated GPU is more popular than discrete GPU. Intel, one of the prominent vendors of integrated GPU, claims that their integrated GPU is 30 times more efficient than discrete GPU. 
In fact, the increasing adoption of integrated GPU is mainly attributed to the growing need of enhanced visual content by end-consumers. In effect, end-consumers are demanding high memory graphics in their systems. 
Therefore, graphic processor vendors are providing high graphics through integrated GPUs.
The global graphics processing unit (GPU) marketwitnessed unit shipments of 81.42 million units in 2015 and is expected to decline to 67.61 million units by 2020, according to Technavio’s latest report.

Hybrid Cloud that Eliminates Dependence on VMware® ESX

At the core of stakes, we have: One-Click Workload Portability to ZeroStack Cloud Platform, Eliminate ESX Lock-In, bi-directional application portability across hypervisors, integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware® vSphere®.
In effect, ZeroStack is now offering one-click workload porting from ESX to ZeroStack. ZeroStack is delivering one-click application and workload migration to its Cloud Platform, giving users access to KVM-based tools as well as OpenStack APIs.