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Video :Nokia Maps vs Google Maps: Stakes and Opportunities

According to HERE using a mapping application offline is certainty one of the most requested features, when travelling internationally without a data plan or when travelling underground in the subway. ‘’This is something that Nokia Maps has been offering for years already and the benefit of which other players have just recently recognized.’’

Les bonnes pratiques du paiement par carte sur mobile. Enjeu sur la sécurité des transactions.

Soutenu et propulsé par le développement des technologies, contenus et applications, le mobile devient de plus en plus indispensable dans nos activités quotidiennes. Il n’est donc plus un simple gadget, mais un outil de travail (BYOD), d’étude, de sécurité, de paiement etc.

New Handmade Two WordPress theme: perfect look and professional appearance for blog & e-commerce.

Available fromObox Designdeveloper club, this theme aims to give you a perfect look and professional appearance for any kind of blog and e-commerce web site: Cooking, Food items, Fashion, Art & Craft, Fancy Clothing, etc. We discover also that you can turn into online ecommerce store to sell your items

The Entertainment Collectibles Store now available at

Henceforth since February 19, 2013 Movie, TV and music fans can now find authenticated items from This means that Movie, TV and music fans will get access to