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Here is how Organizations assess vendors regarding online project management software market

For those who are unfamiliar, Organizations assess vendors based on the features and the quality of the solutions, which enables them to compete more effectively. 
However, according to Technavio, consolidation and attrition are expected soon; increasing the complexity of selecting the right solution for the company's requirements.
Among Top nine online project management software market vendors, we have: Asana, Atlassian, Basecamp, Citrix Systems, Mavenlink, Microsoft, Smartsheet, Workfront, Wrike.

Enterprises excitements around online project management software

Interesting to observe that, online project management software is likely to become an essential requirement among enterprises to reduce expenses, improve customer service through collaborative tools, and earn high turnover.
In effect, increasing need for effective solutions for project planning, cost and time estimation, and timely project completion is real. 
According to Technavio, Enterprises vendors are expanding their market and geographical reach because of the increased scope of the market, competition in business, and globalization.

Interactive data visualization: Open Data Science Education for Python to the Masses

Interactive data visualization is at the heart of our data-driven era where data is a key asset. So that, I salute the arrival ofa new series of courses focused on interactive datavisualization and data manipulation with Python.
I effect, DataCamphas partnered with Continuum Analytics, the creator and driving force behind Anaconda.
Their goal is to bring the learning as close as possible to what professionals are actually doing, instead of passive consumption of content, which hurts student engagement.

Google Compute Engine+ Intel Custom Cloud Xeon Processor for enterprise-class and HPC workloads

At the core of stakes, we have graphics rendering, simulations and any CPU intensive workload. The ability to utilize the processor’s AVX-512 extensions to optimize your enterprise-class and HPC workloads.
In effect, Google Compute Engine will support Intel’s latest Custom Cloud solution based on the next-generation Xeon Processor (codenamed Skylake) in early 2017. The upcoming Xeon processor is billed as an excellent choice for graphics rendering, simulations and any CPU intensive workload. Google announces that, at launch, Compute Engine users will be able to utilize the processor’s AVX-512 extensions to optimize their enterprise-class and HPC workloads.
I can also observe that, you’ll be able to use the new processor with Compute Engine’s standard, highmem, highcpu and custom machine types.

The location analytics tools into real-time analytics tools as well as real-time guidance tools

I have pleasure to recall that, the location analytics tools can be successfully integrated into real-time analytics tools as well as real-time guidance tools. 
In effect, one can observe that, the integration empowers end users to take the appropriate and timely actions in real-time operations. 
For those who are unfamiliar, the location analytics market also consists of various services such as consulting services, system integration services, and support & maintenance services
Real-time location analytics can be implemented in verticals such as government & defense, retail & consumer goods, energy & utilities, manufacturing, and healthcare.

On-demand configurable connectivity to the developer community and (OEMs)

At the core of stakes, we have marketplace built for Mobile Network Operators to deliver On-Demand, Scalable and Secure IoT Network Services to developers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). In effect, iSimplyConnect can help Mobile Network Operators (MNO) to address the requirements of the developer and maker community by offering single digit proof of concept IoT connections that rapidly scale into production networks on demand provides developers and makers with access to global cellular connectivity via a potential secure private IP network, enabling immediate deployment and elastic scaling of IoT projects.

Location analytics technology in our ever-connected world

For those who are unfamiliar, Location analytics is a system designed to interpret and analyze information in conjunction with a Geographic Information System (GIS), with a visual representation. The System can be implemented into both real-time geographical data and historic geographical data. 
When it comes to market, one can observe that, the location analytics market consists of various types of tools such as geocoding & reverse geocoding, data integration & ETL, reporting & visualization, and thematic mapping & spatial analysis.