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Analytics Strategies in the Utility Industry.

When it comes to Big data and Analytics (BDA) initiatives in the utility industry, it is obvious that, we are always at the early stage of this trend. Doubts and uncertainties remain weighing when it comes tokey success factors, and how to leverage internal expertise, and how to direct an initiative. soon #Retinknow® has demystified the Big data and Analytics(BDA) trend, and we work in real-time to help enterprises understand in real-time, the merits of Analytics, the correlation between dimensions of big data analytics and the resulting high or low achievement of big data analytics success.
The new IDC Energy Insightsreport, entitled “The Maturity of Analytics Strategies in the Utility Industry”. This report presents mini case studies to highlight how different typical utilities are approaching their big data analytics initiatives.
Based on the research findings, this new report provides a cross-sectional view from the industry of why and how these typical utilities …

Italy, Netherlands and Turkey, new milestones for soon #Retinknow®.

Our worldwide audience and reputation continue to increase among IT professionals, enterprises, organisms and public sectors. Henceforth soon #Retinknow®, builds its useful presence in Italy, Netherlands and Turkey. Our first feedbacks are encouraging. Yesterday, we were proud to welcome numerous IT professionals, enterprises, organisms and public sectors from these countries. On the graph, you can observe their daily impact, in terms of page views.The best is still to come.

Cloud-managed virtual network optimized for small to medium-sized (SMB) businesses and enterprise remote office networks.

At,  we have demystified the Software-definedNetworking (SDN) and network virtualization , and we also work in real-time to make sure that, with this new approach of networking, the performance and the competitiveness can be mastered within enterprises, organizations and public sectors. When it comes to Cloud-managed virtual network optimized for small to medium-sized (SMB) businesses and enterprise remote office networks,, hails the solid efforts progressively, deployed by Netsocket, one of the key players of this market. 
Henceforth , this company develops close collaboration with Chuanhow Tech to bring to market Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution for the Greater China region. encourages this approach , susceptible to lead to a cost-effective, automated application delivery capabilities to distributed environments, and complete end-to-end cloud-managed virtual network offering or

The Nigerian telecommunications sector: stakes, figures, bottlenecks, threats, key players, critical factors and quality of service.

When it comes to GDP, Nigeria is the number one in Africa with more than 80% of its revenues coming from the oil industry. From about 2% in 2006, the telecommunications vertical in Nigeria has progressively increased its contribution to GDP over recent years to reach about 8% in 2013.
This means, the government has to protect rather than persecute this sector of the economy. However, it is also quite clear that, operators have to respect their commitments. As part of our global commitment, as a must-attend landmark for the end-to-end digital transformation for the companies and public sectors of all sizes, soon #Retinknow®, has decided to make a focus on the Nigerian telecommunications sector for numerous reasons.
Firstly Nigeria is the biggest economy of the continent, in terms of GDP, demography and business opportunities. Secondly, Nigeria meets political instability, and lack of security.
In this country, mobile operators such as Airtel, Globacom, and MTN have inv…