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The delivery of full HD video over bandwidth constrained networks

In our digital age we are progressively invaded by the stakes around and related to full HD video, 4K content, video at stable SD-quality levels and more.  On this momentum, V-Nova Ltd., has released its innovative PERSEUS™ technology as a software development kit (SDK) for integration into 3rd party encoders and video players. Henceforth, operators, service providers, system integrators and online video platform providers can easily integrate and deploy PERSEUS™ technology on existing ecosystems for the delivery of full HD video over bandwidth constrained networks. 
PERSEUS™ software is available in the form of an encoder plug-in (EPI) and a decoder plug-in (DPI) for integration and deployment within an operator’s existing ecosystem.

Distributed SQL Database for Containerized Architectures

Many within the analytic, cloud, Big Data and in the IoT industry are now unanimous that, in our ever-connected world, we are moving from application containers to distributed database containers where operational and analytics requirements are converging and where people and industries want streamlined database for strategic and critical needs.
Crate Technology, a distributed SQL database for containerized architectures has received a $4M investment led by Dawn Capital and joined by existing investors Sunstone Capital, DFJ Esprit and Speedinvest. Solomon Hykes, creator of the Docker project, also participated in the round. 
A great momentum heading to more features and support our growing community of users.
For those who are unfamiliar, Crate is an open-source SQL database that is highly available, scalable and based on a ‘’shared-nothing masterless architecture’’. It can offer the scalability and simplicity of NoSQL, and can be accessed through standard SQL.
Designed for ad-hoc queries…