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Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platform Market: SAP plays a key role according to IDC.

Pending the maturation of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept in the enterprises, Connectikpeople can observe that, a set of companies today are or plan to invest in some kind of mobile application development platform. This week, we have captured the report from IDC which recognized SAP AGas the market share leader by revenue in its latest market share analysis. According to the "Worldwide Mobile Enterprise Application Development Platform 2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares” report SAP® Mobile Platform captures nearly 49 percent of the mobile enterprise application development platform

Development of LTE technologies: Huawei deeply involved with ‘Turbo Button’ Solution for Boosting LTE Speeds and Revenues.

The stakes around the LTE technologies are henceforth well apprehended by the mobile carriers and by the information and communications technology (ICT) solutions providers. The increasing use of data on mobiles devices is one of the key reasons to deploy important investments on the development of LTE technologies. During the recent 2013 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum held in Indonesia, Connectikpeople has observed how Huawei, helped successfully demonstrate a Turbo Button solution for dramatically boost delivered LTE speeds with a simple push of a button on a mobile app. the demo was conducted by Indonesian

Philips launched a global mobile app which encourages women to check their breasts regularly each month.

The breast cancer is become one of the dangerous threats across the world; everyone is exposed. Based on this reality a set of sensitization campaigns are organized across the world. Philips wants to play its partition by harnessing the power of the mobile devices. According to certain sources, in UK around 55,000 people, including some 400 men, are being diagnosed with breast cancer each year. In this combat, earlier detection and better treatments mean that survival rates after a diagnosis of breast cancer are improving. Henceforth available on Google Play and iTunes, produced with Breast Cancer Care and free to download, this mobile app gives a step by step guide to breast

Here is why and how IBM invests in the vast cloud infrastructure in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada).

Henceforth IBM marks strategically its presence in Nova Scotia (Atlantic Canada), with a multi-million dollar private cloud infrastructure. The objective is quiet simple: consolidate its regional position as the leading Cloud solutions providers. We talk about what is billed as the first system of its kind in Atlantic Canada. There, they will form a shared computing platform enabling the schools to together create new curriculum and conduct research, all aimed at better equipping graduates with

Organizations, A failure to manage eDiscovery properly can carry with it serious ramifications, said Osterman Research.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, eDiscovery consists to a variety of activities, including the archival of electronic information, the ability to search for relevant content, the ability to modify content deletion policies, how storage systems are managed, how

Conceptions d’applications iOS natives sur votre navigateur : ce que vaut l'offre

Des plateformes hébergées pour concevoir des applications mobiles ! des offres sont de plus en plus abondantes du côté des grands éditeurs de logiciels comme chez les jeunes pousses ambitieuses. En zones francophones, ils sont presque rares les développeurs à se lancer dans ce segment très utile pour les débutants. Jusqu’ici on connait les offres des grands éditeurs notamment l'App Generator pour Blackberry, l'App Studio bêta pour Apple, l'App Inventor pour Google

Dear professionals, you can now create cross-region read replicas for Amazon RDS database instances.

Available with support for version 5.6 of MySQL, this feature has been built upon Amazon Web Service existing support for read replicas. Henceforth you can create up to five in-region and cross-region replicas per source with a single API call or a couple of clicks in the AWS Management Console. Connectikpeople recalls that, you can use this feature to implement a cross-region disaster recovery model, scale out globally, or migrate an existing database to a new

Here are the organizations attitudes, toward and plans for cloud computing.

In this survey captured by Connectikpeople, you can discover that, this survey conducted November 4-6, 2013, had unveiled the following realities: ·Only 10% of decision makers surveyed have a very positive opinion when they hear the term "cloud computing". ·Only 4% of decision makers surveyed fully trust public cloud providers to

Les nouveaux moyens de paiement en ligne se multiplient en France ; après Paylib, voici : comprendre les enjeux.

Plus que jamais, les banques françaises sont plongées dans le business des nouvelles solutions de paiement en ligne. L’enjeu est ici est de fidéliser leurs clients et se créer les nouvelles sources de revenus en proposant les offres innovantes dans un écosystème presque saturé et dominé par Paypal. On peut ainsi observer qu’après le lancement en septembre 2013 de Paylibpar le consortium BNP Paribas, la Banque postale et la Société Générale, désormais, il faudra faire avec, un projet piloté par Visa Europe et le groupe BPCE (Caisses